Find your original persona and never copy another Domme – you’ll look like a pale imitation

Congratulations – you’ve just discovered the wonderful world of Femdom, and you like the idea of becoming an online domme yourself. It seems like a great way to make money. Get paid for tormenting men? Yes please! Sign me up! But if you’re really serious about femdom, and you want to last more than a few months on the scene, you need to develop your own persona rather than be someone else’s mini-me.

Too many new dommes attempt to imitate established ones. After all, what works for them should be a winning formula, right? Wrong. Dommes who are well-known and have large followings are used to having scammers use their name and often their images. It’s no surprise that they have their imitators too, who think that the magic will rub off on them.

Copying never works

It may be ignorance rather than deliberate. But trying to copy someone else is doomed to failure. You won’t have the combination of ingredients that makes them appeal to their audience. Nor have you worked your ass off to build up a following and a business. They’ve earned their success. And despite what the saying says, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. It’s lazy, and it’s derivative. People will see that you’ve copied another Domme, and you won’t come across as authentic. It’ll look like you’re trying to coast on her success, and she won’t be happy.

Subs won’t like it either. In spite of what we say, many are not stupid. They can spot a domme who’s spouting stock phrases as though she’s been reading a handbook, or who’s clearly taken too many cues from another woman. Subs don’t want to serve a Domme who doesn’t take the time to develop her own domination. Why settle for a pale imitation, when the real deal is out there?

Expect to evolve as a Domme

Developing your own persona takes time. Expect to evolve. You will probably go through several stages in your Domme journey as you discover what you most enjoy. It’s unlikely that you’ll hit on your perfect blend of domination right from the start. We all have to start somewhere, and no one resents beginners. It’s not wrong to use other Dommes as inspiration; what we don’t like is trying to piggyback off someone else’s hard work.

Image by mickey970 from Pixabay

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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