From A Curiosity In Spanking To A Full-On Submissive, We Meet Emily Rose

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Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. That’s something we were all taught when we were children. What’s on the outside might not be a true representative on what’s inside. The lady I want to tell you all about today is an example of this. At first glance, Emily Rose looks so sweet, angelic, and innocent. The truth is, Emily Rose loves to be a naughty, kinky little Submissive and loves a good spanking! Even while giving over her power, Emily Rose is gaining her own power and enjoying every minute of the experience.

Her interest became a reality

A sweet and angelic appearance hides her kinky side

Porn isn’t for minors. We all know that. Does that stop teens from seeking it out? Not at all. Emily Rose started getting interested in spanking porn between the ages of 15-17. (Don’t even try to tell me that you weren’t trying to find ways to watch porn at that age!) Her interest grew and grew but she had no partner to play with at that time. About 8 years ago, Emily Rose began escorting and one of her clients requested a bondage and impact session.

While she was inexperienced, she was interested and knew that he was an experienced rigger so felt safe trying it with him. She warned him that she was interested in trying but couldn’t guarantee she’d enjoy it, or be able to finish the session. Turned out she loved it and began offering kink sessions more and more. She met the owner of Dungeon Hell Paso and he gave her a safe space to play and she’s been working out of there for the last three years.

Her exploration has had a really positive impact on her life

That is one happy looking Submissive!

While playing, Emily Rose has realised that not only can she live her Submissive fantasy, but she can actually help those who dominate her. Depending on their needs she can be “Bratty Emily” or a softer, more willing to please Submissive Emily. She mentioned that some of her clients look for the bratty side because they like the idea that she ‘deserves’ what they are doing to her. This goes back to the implanted psychology within our society. They have the sadistic urges to enjoy impact play, but vanilla society conflicts with the idea of impact play even with consent. Because of this the bratty style Submissive could let them ‘justify’ the Domination and impact. With that being said, even in a role playing, bratty scenario, the Dominant must always remember the agreed limits and safe words.

Through this journey of exploration Emily Rose has learned better communication skills and gained a lot of confidence. These two things are intertwined for Emily Rose. She had to learn how to communicate with her clients to ensure that her limits weren’t pushed. She needs to be able to be clear with them exactly what she consents to and what she does not. Being heard by her Dominants along with the need to assert herself helped Emily Rose’s confidence grow and grow. And this has seeped through into her personal life too. Emily Rose is a wonderful person that loves kink and most definitely thinks of her play partner throughout it. She enjoys how kink can help both parties to heal and grow and therefore I think she makes a great Submissive!

To follow Emily Rose go to: @EmilyRoseElPaso

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