From an aspiring career in TV, to cam girl, to FinDomme expert; we meet Yevgeniya Ivanyutenko!

Working on what she thought was going to be her dream job in television, was Yevgeniya Ivanyutenko. She was in school and had scored herself a paid position at BBC America, but the long commute and travel expenses meant that she just wasn’t making enough dough to justify it.

After a classmate introduced her to camming, she realised that she could make more money than her dream job was offering. This was disappointing, but faced with the decision of putting her full effort into one or the other, she decided that camming was more lucrative, and that she could create flexible work hours that suited her needs.

From cam girl, to FinDomme

While enjoying her cam work, she was also making friends in the scene. A friend of hers then told her that she’d be much better off and make more money being a phone sex dominatrix. This was appealing to her because she could use her communication and language skills that she had had developed in her media work. She thrived in this style of SW, and as her followers on Twitter grew other Dommes started to take notice.

While consulting, Yevgeniya Ivanyutenko still has her submissives and occasionally does cam sessions.

From helping, to consulting

Yevgeniya has had numerous accounts on Twitter over the years as some were suspended for one reason or another but she has always had a large following. This following is made up of both subs and other Dom(me)s, all admiring her style of domination and wanting to know more.

Quite often she would open her DMs to find messages from other Dommes asking what the secret to her success was. The annoying thing was that she often found that her responses were falling on deaf ears. While these women were happy to ask the questions, they weren’t actually following the advice given. This is when Yevgeniya decided to start charging for her advice.

Instantly, she saw a difference Suddenly, the women who were asking for advice, because they were paying for the answers, were following the advice and seeing the results. She was now seeing results (both financially and from a satisfaction point) for the time and effort that she had been putting into helping the other Dommes.

Nowadays, she has consultations booked daily and this has become a large percentage of her income.

It’s not all business

She also works with an organisation called “Stella” and teaches street sex workers how to work using the internet instead. This helps them develop a skill which will enable them to work safely and without getting arrested. I love seeing a woman elevate herself and use her knowledge to educate others.

If you want to learn more and follow go to Twitter: @YEVG3NIYA

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2 responses to “From an aspiring career in TV, to cam girl, to FinDomme expert; we meet Yevgeniya Ivanyutenko!”

  1. Pete72619 says:

    Is she still around? how do I get in contact with her?

  2. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    How rude of people to ask her advice and then not take it just cause she gave it to them for free. Just because she previously didn’t charge for her guidance doesn’t mean it didn’t have worth. She’s dead right to be charging these days. When I started out I sought advice from a more experienced Domme and then sent her a tribute to thank her after.

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