From being collared to un-collared without an explanation. How can this be?


To go from being owned to unowned was probably the hardest thing to be able to come to terms with. From having my heavy collar around my neck 24/7 to not at all. 

My Mistress was a Goddess to me but I couldn’t give her what she wanted. To be honest, I didn’t know what she wanted. Are all Mistresses like this? I have found it hard to be able to commit to another Mistress but am I holding onto my past experience with her and judging all by her? 

I was 25, young and professional, who in my vanilla life is very successful and have gotten to where I want to be. But now being in my 30’s, the one thing I am missing is that collar. So where can I find a Mistress who will not only tell me what she wants from me, but also give me the one thing I desire in the world – a collar.

Perhaps it was me that was the problem. I seem to be doubting myself now and questioning if I am good enough to be owned. We left it with her just telling me to go and she removed my collar without any explanation nor did she explain her reasoning behind it. I now seem to be searching for the answers to my questions and I have tried to contact her but she just ignores me and doesn’t respond. I’m not being unreasonable by asking for an explanation, am I?

Why have I attracted such bad Mistresses, or ones that seem to off load onto me and make me the one to feel lost and broken. It makes me question if I am broken. All I want to find is a Mistress who will look after me and allow me to be a successful boy for them, but is this to much too ask?

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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