Get lured into the seductive but deadly web of Black Widow Goddexx

Black Widow Goddexx

When you think of a Black Widow, you think of a deadly spider. The term Black Widow when referring to humans, is normally a female serial killer, who seductively lures her male victims in, and murders them. Black Widow Goddexx will lure you into their web of seduction and you will never escape! With natural good looks and a mistakenly soft voice, it’s easy to see why “Black Widow Goddexx” is a very suitable name. You’d be forgiven for thinking that they are sweet and gentle. But really, they’re waiting for their moment to strike and overpower you! Fall into the web…

Black Widow Goddexx’s discovery of kink

It’s easy to fall into the web of Black Widow Goddexx

Quite often gay bars are stereotyped as being overtly promiscuous and sexual. In Black Widow Goddexx’s experience, this can be seen as true. While hanging out in gay bars at the age of 18, (like you never snuck into a bar underage!) a lot of the people they met there would discuss their sexual experiences. Often, these would involve recalling experiences with kink and BDSM. Black Widow Goddexx’s curiosity took over and they began asking some of these kinky people to teach them about the kink world. It’s through this Black Widow Goddexx met a woman who would become their first mentor.

Black Widow’s friends held a vote as to whether they believed Black Widow was a natural Dominant or Submissive. They all believed Black Widow would be more natural as a Dominant and their mentor decided to conduct a test to see for sure. She told Black Widow Goddexx that they were definitely more of a Dominant, and Black Widow agreed because they loved the power exchange. They found that when Black Widow tried to submit, it just came out as bratty because they didn’t want to listen to them. So yeah, definitely not Submissive material! Ha!

Get tangled in their web

Black Widow Goddexx will seduce you, destroy you, and nurture you back to health

As their name suggests, Black Widow Goddexx loves having control over Submissives. Black Widow loves controlling a Subs mind, heart, and wallet while they give up their power. It’s a sexual rush for all involved. The adrenaline rush of making Submissives bend to their will is what really gets Black Widow off. Black Widow’s tasks and punishments can be cruel and overpowering, and the Subs know they WILL complete them. But saying this, part of the allure is that Black Widow is also nurturing and looks after their Submissives. If a Submissive is dealing with subdrop or has personal issues in their vanilla lives, Black Widow will nurture them and make sure they are ok.

Just like the Black Widow spider, Black Widow Goddexx appreciates the art of patience for their ‘prey’. With FinDom/FemDom (especially online), it takes time and a lot of work to find the right Submissives. It is not just a get rich quick scheme. When you take your time to find the right Submissives, you can really build lasting, fulfilling relationships that satisfy you. Black Widow also preaches the importance of practicing proper safety procedures like RACK and SSC. As they say, “take care of your subs and they’ll take care of you. The main thing is consent always matters.”

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