VIRAL: Mechanic ‘Ms Red’ has an OnlyFans. A male colleague also appeared in one, but only she was fired

Employers have a duty of care towards their staff. Its is their responsibility to ensure that they provide a safe working environment for their staff. This does not only mean providing the correct safety equipment, it also means that is their responsibility to respond to and deal with any toxic situations within the workplace. This can include bullying and sexual harassment, amongst other things.

Kirsten Vaughan (age 24) is one such employee that I believe was not looked after by her employers when she was fired from the Don Ayres Honda dealership in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A Rising Star

While on track to be the first female Master Technician at the Don Ayres Honda dealership, Kirsten (known online as Ms Red) set up an OnlyFans account to supplement her earnings. She has big aspirations and wanted to use the earnings from both her salary and OnlyFans in order to pay off student loans, her mortgage, and to save towards owning her own shop and working on racecars.

As you can see, she is a highly driven and is working her ass off to get to where she wants to be! While in work she was always professional, dressed appropriately and didn’t have any black marks against her name. Her OnlyFans work was her private work she did away from the dealership. This, however, did not matter when word got out around the dealership about Ms Reds account.

Mechanic Ms Red

Getting fired and going viral

Alongside a video of Ms Red doing an A/C replacement on a car she Tweeted:

Really a shame they had to fire me for having my only fans page, cuz I got down at my dealership. Here’s me doing a complete a/c system replacement due to “black death”.

This Tweet went viral instantly and she had everything from people backing her up, saying her dismissal was unfair, to people calling her all sorts of names and saying she deserved to be fired. The dealership claim that she was not fired because of her OnlyFans account, but her dismissal conveniently came after fellow employees found out about her account and began showing it around the workshop. Also, in a meeting with management that Ms Red recorded, the men are heard asking her questions about the account and saying it would tarnish the name of the business.

Your on your own – management shifts the blame

There are many ways in which this situation was dealt with poorly by management. Firstly, the men on the shop floor who found out about the account not only watched it while in work, they also told the other men, looked through the account together and shared it. All while on the clock!

When asked to stop by Ms Red their response was “Ha ha ha, we’re helping you make money. Shut up.”. Real mature, guys! Then while talking with management they told Ms Red that having that account was basically inviting colleagues to approach her with sexual conduct or comments. This tries to completely shift the blame from any male employee, who couldn’t behave appropriately, on to Ms Red. This is disgusting and not unheard of in this dealership.

A previous female employee has since come forward saying that, while working at the dealership, a male colleague found out about her OnlyFans account and groped here ass and asked what $20 could get him. This man was not reprimanded by the dealership at all. The lady had to report him to the police and quit the very same day.

Ms Red and her mechanics qualifications whilst moving into sex work full time

Double Standards

Not only are the management showing that they do not look after their female members of staff, there is also a HUGE problem with double standards. While Ms Red was let go for having an OnlyFans account, a male colleague has starred in content that features on his girlfriend’s account. This male colleague was teased about being in the footage, but despite the whole shop knowing about it (so presumably management got wind of it), he was never reprimanded. This just screams at me the double standards we have in the world and especially in more male oriented jobs such as a garage.

Ms Red was told by management that she was basically inviting sexual harassment and was subsequently fired whereas with the male employee they just turned a blind eye. If they’re so worried about their reputation, then surely, he should be reprimanded too. Women constantly have to deal with these double standards in life and especially in the sex worker industry.

Bosses were worried about male colleagues being “distracted” at work by her OnlyFans

Ms Red is still posting videos of her working on cars (presumably from home) and still posting content. She’s said that since getting fired and her Tweet going viral her subscribers has skyrocketed. And that’s something I had noticed myself as she’s literally gone up about 6,000 followers on Twitter in a matter of days! We at wish her all the best in her venture to owning here own garage in he future. I, personally, will keep watching her car videos. I know nothing about cars but watching her work is making me develop an interest!

If you want to follow Ms Red on Twitter you’ll find her at: @vermilionvixxxn

Have you ever faced this kind of discrimination at work? Did you get fired for having an OnlyFans or doing sex work? Leave your comments below

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5 responses to “VIRAL: Mechanic ‘Ms Red’ has an OnlyFans. A male colleague also appeared in one, but only she was fired”

  1. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    This is disgraceful! If the company has an issue then the guy who was in his girlfriend’s OnlyFans content should also be let go. I don’t want anybody to lose their jobs but if that the standards you have it should be for all!

  2. Typical that there was no come-uppance for the lads. It’s sick. At least she named and shamed them.

    • It’s really great that she stood up for herself. It’s a double standard we see all too often and is saddening, but now she is more successful than ever so it’s the perfect silver lining!

  3. Women cannot win. We’re not allowed to be sexual for our own purpose. Only as living receptacles for male desire.

    • Isn’t it ironic, how we are built with boobs and butts, and we live with them 24/7 but we can’t do what we like with them? Not in our book!

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