Getting to “Gnome” MstTr3ss is an enlightening experience.

MsTr3ss has entertained me since joining Twitter, and I love seeing her interactions with other Dommes (she loves bigging up her fellow females) – especially with her “good boy” Bingo. She has this fascination with gnomes that she makes very public and, even more so, she loves subs dressing up as gnomes and posing for her!

MsTr3ss just seems to know what she’s doing, and I love that. She’s a woman who is very sure of what she wants and doesn’t tolerate anything less. This combination of traits made me curious to know more.

The voice of reason

Firstly, I listened to “The Quickie”, which is a podcast she was a guest on that aired on February 19th 2020. This was wonderful as I got to listen to her answers in her own voice. I love hearing a Domme talk and describe themselves as their tone can give away so much of their personality. She came across as confident, knowledgeable AND sexy! (Loved it! Definitely give it a listen!)

I really like the way MsTr3ss describes the difference between a kinkster and a true submissive. Now we at have already written an article about the difference between the two, but MsTr3ss gives an example of two subs under consideration being given the same simple (and free might I add) task.

The real submissive completes the task straight away and starts to embrace the task given and the knowledge she can gain from it.

The kinkster refuses; calling it a waste of time.

Another definition she gives is that real submissives believe in female supremacy and respect ALL women. Some kinksters might want to worship a Domme, but when it comes to talking to women in their personal life (their partners, family members, “friends”, women in any service industry role etc.) they are rude or abusive. In this case they show their true colours; that they don’t really respect women at all and just want to use them to get their kicks from.

It’s all about safety and consent!

Educating yourself on safe and consensual play is something we passionately advocate here at We’ve written oodles of articles on these topics, so I just loved that MsTr3ss goes to great lengths to not only educate herself, but to pass on her knowledge to new Dommes that want it. Safety and consent are two of the things she finds most important during play. Not only does she touch on safety during a session for the submissive, but also for the Dommes themselves.

“Never be so thirsty for money you make stupid/risky mistakes. Be hungry, not thirsty!”

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! While the kink scene has some truly wonderful people in it, there are predators out there and Dommes need to look out for their own safety. She also has been lucky enough to have previously lived in an area which had a great kink scene. This meant that she could “bottom” while not submitting in order to learn new types of play from Masters.

This kind of personal teaching, as well as doing other forms of research means that she really knows her stuff and how to play safely and read the signs given from her subs.

I’ve really enjoyed getting a more in-depth insight into the world of MsTr3ss and will enjoy continuing to follow her story. I especially eagerly wait for the day when she receives her very own “Gnome” sub that loves dressing up for her in a gnome outfit and carrying out whatever tasks she desires!

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  1. EveryonesFavouriteSissy says:

    Ok I NEED to start looking online for gnome costumes. I’d love to be a gnome for MsTr3ss’ amusement!

  2. Leesha is a great writer so we are glad you appreciate the article!

  3. Awesome Article!!! We ❤️❤️❤️ MsTr3ss. Jewels & T

  4. Omg!!! I love this. Thank you for all the kind words!

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