Goddess Anya Sion Is An Inspirational Woman In The Kink Community

I have a new love! When I meet a woman with looks, compassion, AND a real knowledge of themselves, I can’t help but fall in love with them! Goddess Anya Sion is stunningly beautiful, with hypnotising eyes, big plump lips, and the curves of a Goddess. It’s behind the beauty that intrigues me even more! Goddess Anya Sion not only looks for the best for herself and her Submissives, she also cares for the society around her which is amazing! We’ve seen how Sex Workers can use their powers for the good of their community before and Goddess Anya Sion has been doing just that! Therefore, I am delighted to share more about this amazing woman with you in this article.

She had a great mentor and worked hard to learn her craft

When Goddess Anya Sion was seventeen, she had already developed an interest in kink. She had a love of lingerie and all things vintage. There was one store she really enjoyed going to, it gave her a chance to explore and learn more about the world of kink from a safe distance. Her curious nature was noticed by Mistress Cherie, so as soon as she turned eighteen (legal age in the UK) she accepted Mistress Cherie’s offer of a mentorship. While under Mistress Cherie’s guidance, Goddess Anya Sion trained hard, and worked even harder to build her own client list. Through kink she has discovered more about her own kinks and sexual needs and desires. This allows her to enjoy what she does, which means her Subs/clients really feel that and enjoy themselves too.

I really enjoyed Goddess Anya Sion describing her love of FemDom/FinDom. Her favourite part of FemDom/FinDom is that, as her Submissives hand over their power to her, they allow themselves to be vulnerable with her. This not only gives Goddess Anya Sion MORE power, it creates a connection between them. The Submissives place their trust in Goddess Anya Sion and that’s something she lives for! Throughout her FemDom/FinDom journey Goddess Anya Sion has made mistakes, she’s grown, and she’s learnt about her own needs and desires; but what I want to talk about next is the good she does for others.

Goddess Anya Sion is a great example of the kink community

Goddess Anya Sion uses her Dominance for good

From the outside looking in, the FinDom world can be misconstrued as selfish and greedy. Yes, there are Dommes that play the part of greedy, self-absorbed women; but majority of the time it’s an act. While they act harsh to their Subs, they want them to succeed. They want them to work harder and do better! Goddess Anya Sion is a Goddess that uses her power for good.

There are very few people in the world that haven’t been affected by COVID-19. There are so many people that may have been struggling/toeing the line of financial stability before the pandemic that now are full-on struggling to survive. Goddess Anya Sion has used her FinDom to help those around her that are suffering. Using the gifts she has been sent by Submissives, she has used the money to create care packages for the homeless people within her locality. These care packages include vital items like masks, hand sanitiser and blankets.

Goddess Anya Sion is such an inspiration to the kink world. She educated herself, learnt her craft, and continues to grow. With this growth she has compassion for everyone around her! Goddess Anya Sion uses her pleasure to bring pleasure to not only to her Submissives but to her community in a consensual way. She is a beautiful inside and out and I hope I’ve found a new friend within her.

RIP Mistress Cherie

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