Goddess Mia Will Make You Drop to your Knees and Obey Her Every Order

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While writing for FFFBuzz.com I have met plenty of stunning people. Goddess Mia is one such person and she is here to take your money. If she takes you under her wing you will not be able to resist. With a penchant for pain and violence (with consent of course) Goddess Mia is a beauty and force to be reckoned with.

Beauty with a side of Sadism

Goddess Mia has always had a strong personality and a sadistic side. Her curiosity in the bedroom and love for trying new things led to her wanting to explore BDSM. A friend brought her to a BDSM club and after flogging her first slave she was hooked. The feeling of having a Sub worship her is addictive. They work hard to please her and show her they acknowledge her superiority.

Since starting out Goddess Mia has learnt that it’s very hard to find true FinSubs. Most Subs look for something in return. True FinSubs get pleasure from sending and that is all. FinSubs are rare and hard to find. Incredibly rare. So when you find good Submissives it’s worth putting in the effort to take care of your relationship with them. It will ensure they stay faithful and loyal. It also will help the relationship last longer.

Goddess Mia really enjoys the physical side of sadism. She enjoys handing out severe punishments to her Submissives (While always using safewords and following limits of course). Handing out corporal punishment while humiliating them gives her a real kick. She loves the control it gives her. Goddess Mia likes to incorporate her strict tone of voice while doing this. Sissification is another kink she enjoys. It’s the humiliations side she enjoys of this.

Goddess Mia’s appearance may make you think that she is a soft touch but that is far from the truth. She is as stern and Dominant as they come.

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