Goddess Reina Rodriguez Wants to Build a Friendship While Dominating You

Goddess Reina Rodriguez

A relationship between a Dominant and a Submissive is so much more than just sissification, spanking, or saying “Fuck you! Pay Me!”. Yes, people can have one-off sessions, where they should still work on having a connection and chemistry but it’s not the same as building a relationship. For longer term submission, it requires a little more communication. This can be really fulfilling because you can build friendships with each other. This can create much better play sessions as the pair not only feel safer with each other but can pick up on slight nuances that they can use in play to make things extra naughty and personalised. Goddess Reina Rodriguez is a big believer in building those relationships with her Submissives. For her they aren’t romantic relationships, (although there’s nothing wrong with that) but it’s great to find something in common outside of kink.

She wanted to be part of the “cool kids”

Goddess Reina
She was introduced to BDSM young

Like a lot of us, Goddess Reina Rodriguez wanted to hang out with the older kids as a teen. She had a group of friends who were that bit older than her and this influenced her outlook in a lot of ways. While still at the age of fifteen/sixteen, she had friends that were already in college. These friends seemed to know so much about the world and sex, and kinky sex at that! A lot of them were already practicing different submissive kinks such as Daddy Dom/Little Girl and Pet Play. Looking up to them, she began to introduce the DD/LG dynamic into her current relationship. Around about this time the 50 Shades of Grey series were released. Goddess Reina loved the books (she was young, so didn’t realise how poorly represented BDSM is within the books) and began trying to incorporate BDSM into her relationship.

We all know that minors don’t belong in the kink and BDSM scene. They’re young and haven’t figured out the dynamic of adult relationships yet. They’re also pretty vulnerable and there’s a possibility for them to being taken advantage of. Looking back on things, Goddess Reina does regret exploring kink at such an early age. It’s totally normal for teens to push boundaries and copy their older peers. One thing she implores is, if any minors are reading this and were exposed to kink and BDSM via Tik Tok, Twitter, or whatever other platform, WAIT! Be patient. There’s plenty of time to explore and experiment when you’re an adult. If you partake in BDSM or kink before you’re of age, then you’re putting both yourself and the play partner at risk. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous position! Stay safe!

Finding FinDom

When Goddess Reina Rodriguez turned nineteen, through doing some research, she found FinDom and this opened a new world for her. There’s lots that Goddess Reina Rodriguez loves about FinDom. Having previously tried out kink in a Submissive role she wasn’t sure she would like to be the Dominant. But when she tried it, she loved the power it gave her! She’s found that the little ping her phone makes to notify her that more money had gone into her account is something that will never fail to make her smile. She likes to build a friendship with her Subs, and this makes FinDom all the more enjoyable. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving gifts from their friends whenever they want?!

BDSM has given her confidence

Goddess Reina is here to make your dreams come true.
FinDom has boosted her confidence

Goddess Reina Rodriguez discovered a newfound confidence within FinDom. Everyone has things about themselves that they are self-conscious of. The beauty of FinDom/FemDom is that the parts you hate of yourself, someone else is sure to love. This has helped her to really love the body she’s in as well as her heritage. This is invaluable. She’s learned to love herself and gain a self-awareness of her own value. It’s amazing when kink and BDSM can actually give you a feeling of self-empowerment. Whether a Submissive or a Dominant, BDSM has the power to really give back in ways we don’t expect when we first join the community.

Goddess Reina Rodriguez has definitely worked hard to do her research and make sure she looks after herself and her Subs while playing. While talking with her, she mentioned not only aftercare for the Submissive, but also warned of the risk of Domme Drop after a particularly good drain/FemDom session. This awareness is something that’s really important for a great Domme to have. Overall, Goddess Reina Rodriguez is the full package; Beauty, brains and fully aware of herself. This makes her an excellent Domme to her lucky Submissives.

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