Goddess TS Desire aka Jessica James Shows us How to be the Change you Want to see in the World.

Many of you out there will already be familiar with Battersea-based trans Dominatrix, Goddess TS Desire. You may know her from here, by reputation from the fetish clubs, or maybe just from Twitter. She does an awful lot positive for the normalisation of kink, making it ever more accessible to those who want to start but might be a bit apprehensive. She’s socially conscious, politically minded, and oozes power. But… we recently found out that there is even more behind the scenes at La Maison Desire than we initially thought!

Hit me with your rhythm stick

TS Desire, aka Jessica James has a Youtube channel – and it’s pretty damn good listening! I went for a rummage and found an excellent cover of Bronski Beat’s classic political electronica hit, ‘Hard Rain’. Accompanying the music is an excellent montage of video clips, showing that despite the perceived advancements humanity has made since the original was released 35 years ago, we have regressed in so many other ways. Though the channel is only in its infancy at the moment, in terms of music releases, there’s definitely potential here – and in this regard she’s one to watch for sure. I mean, check out her Fleetwood Mac cover if you don’t believe me! Let’s hope she continues to find time in her busy Domme lifestyle to drop some new tunes into the fray!

Domination, but with a socially-conscious edge

And her politically charged commentary doesn’t end there either. Throughout her Dom career she has duly noted that trans people in the scene are generally regarded as more of a fetish, rather than by their own merit. As a result, she has frequently come out and said that one of her career highlights would be to alter this perception, normalising trans Dommes as a demographic. And why not? She exudes power in its purest form, and rightfully is totally unashamed and unabashed about what she does for a living – choosing to hide nothing about herself. Isn’t this the exact kind of honesty and pride that you would expect from an ambassador to the British kink scene?

Community outreach, Jessica James style!

Amongst all of these various facets that combine to make up Jessica James, her Twitter is a wealth of advice to aspiring Dommes, witty jibes, and most importantly of all – sex toy reviews. I love these, and she’s reviewed everything from the electro-stim to one of my personal favourites; the humbler. If any of these things interest you, you should check out her YouTube and her Twitter. But if you’re looking to be a part of this movement, there may also be a way for you to get involved in a more hands-on manner, so to speak. Back in January, Goddess TS Desire was generously gifted the resources to create her own state of the art mini BDSM palace, over which she reigns supreme. Complete with thousands of pounds worth of gear like a fetters spanking bench and a crucifix, she was seeking out subs to help with the day to day stuff. Subs who are talented videographers, marketeers, or even those who are DIY-savvy go right to the top of the list. However, if you happen to be a particularly aesthetically pleasing sub, there may be an opportunity for you to serve on camera – if you have the guts!

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

5 responses to “Goddess TS Desire aka Jessica James Shows us How to be the Change you Want to see in the World.”

  1. Slave Brian says:

    I have been to visit Mistress Desire on a number of occasions and honoured when she invites me to be in her presence. Always worshiping at her feet, Sniffing, kissing and licking her beautiful petite size 5 feet. I’m missing my Mistress. Hope this virus / lockdown is lifted soon so I can be under her the soles of her soft beautiful feet once more!…

  2. It has been my privilege and honour to serve Mistress for many years, she is truly a remarkable person, Her qualities and talents are numerous but her drive,work ethic and determination are most impressive, she deserves every success that comes her way
    Certainly a Divine Goddess, I will always be here for her

    • She is definitely one of a kind. You are very honoured to be able to serve her for so long.

  3. Blonde spirit says:

    Shes an empath and a starseed shes a psychic and does alot to raise the vibration of the planet. Love her

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