“Her life is part humour, part roses, part thorns” what a great description for Rose with Thorns

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The world of kink is ever evolving! There’s always something new to learn. There may be new kinks and fetishes you haven’t come across before, or new platforms you’ve never used to try out. So, I try to keep educated and learn more about how to develop my craft. So, while listening to “Sex Sells Podcast”, I happened across three people with a wealth of knowledge!

Rose with Thorns was one of them! The podcast includes tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts of how to succeed in the online Sex Worker industry. They take building your own business and really break it down. It’s easy to follow, personable, and Rose has a really good head for marketing! This drop-dead gorgeous woman has it all: brains, beauty, business savvy, and is pretty nerdy too! I was delighted when she said she’d talk to me so we could all get to know her even better!

Owning it!

She took ownership of her sexuality

Women find themselves being sexualised without financial gain all the time. Rose decided she was going to try take this and own it! You can see from her content that she has a great sense of humour and definitely has a fun, crazy side. This combined with enjoying her sexuality and feeling natural in it she thought, why not make some money off this?! Why not take those men and women that are perving on her and turn them into customers! This is such a great attitude because it shows what a charismatic entrepreneur she is. Since setting up her OnlyFans accounts her amount of followers and fans has sky rocketed. I know followers aren’t everything BUT it just proves that Rose has worked damn hard to build her business.

Work or fun? Why not both!

Rose getting help for a choking fetish photo

While making great content (Can you tell I have a major girl crush?!) she also enjoys practicing FemDom. She really enjoys the humiliation side of FemDom. The wild and wicked side comes out as she enjoys humiliating her Subs, and she gets a real kick out of it. A lot of her FemDom practices are through making custom content for clients who are looking for something specific, or just want to hear their name leave her lips.

For Rose this is definitely an enjoyable way to make her money, and I love that. All of the women I’ve interviewed really enjoy what they do, and that’s why I pick them. It’s amazing seeing women really own and enjoy their sexuality. One thing I love is that Rose has found that, since creating her accounts, she’s become a lot more chilled out. She takes criticism a lot better because she has learned to let toxic people go. Yes, people can give constructive criticism, or they may just have a different opinion, but knowing people are criticising for the sake of criticising or just being negative just to gain attention from all her followers then – Bye Felicia!

Be yourself

Rose is a Star Wars fan… Now I think I should start watching them

One thing I’ve learned from Rose is to give your followers (whatever amount you’re comfortable with) a little insight into you! It’s not all about sales! I’m sure you’ve seen from previous articles I’ve written that I like to pick women who have a personality! Rose is wild, nerdy, and free-spirited and you can see this in her content. Take a quick scroll down her Twitter timeline and you can see her love for dressing up and cosplay as well as straight up gaming! Those are her loves and she incorporates them into her content! No one could ever accuse Rose of not being herself, and that’s one of the most attractive qualities ever!

To follow Rose go find her and her links on Twitter: @RosewithTh0rns

To listen to “Sex Sells Podcast” go to: Stitcher

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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