Her Subs Describe Her As “Cruel but Considerate”, What an Addictive Combination; It’s Mistress Mikaela

At FFFBuzz.com, we’re lucky to have amazing followers! This week I decided to get to know one of them and I was very glad I did. Mistress Mikaela was kind enough to spend some time talking to me and give me a little insight into her world. With striking good looks and a love of fetish wear, it’s easy to understand why subs are scrambling to worship her. But it’s not just her appearance that will make you want to serve her. Mistress Mikaela will make you drop to your knees, but she’ll also take care of you. This is something that really appeals to me and I’m delighted to be sharing with you.

From Sugar Baby to Dominatrix

The cruel addiction of Mistress Mikaela
Being a Sugar Baby was not for her

Mistress Mikaela began exploring kink a few years back when she began sugar dating. Unfortunately she discovered that the financial aspect of sugar dating was the only part that was satisfying for her. She hated being given orders by Sugar Daddies and didn’t like the idea of them using her however they pleased. Mistress Mikaela knew that she’d prefer the tables to be turned. She wanted to be the one giving the orders! She began doing her research in FemDom and FinDom and never looked back. Mistress Mikaela let her dominant side out of the bag, and she was not about to climb back in!

Cruel but caring

One thing I really love about Mistress Mikaela is her self-awareness. Money and power are definitely major kinks of hers, but she knows how to feed these kinks safely and with care. She is aware of the power she holds over her subs. They are to please her but she makes sure to take care of their needs too. Sometimes subs can get totally wrapped up in the excitement of serving their mistress and get carried away. This can be dangerous.

Mistress Mikaela loves to drain her subs but also makes sure that her subs have paid their rent/mortgage, all their bills are paid, and their fridges are stocked with food. This is the definition of ethical financial domination. Even through online domination subs can fall into subspace and can lose their way. This is where a Domme must be careful and make sure they are controlling the session ethically. (I’ll let you in on a little secret, 99% of Dommes that say they ‘want to drain you until you’re in debt to them for life’ don’t really mean it. It’s a form of role play!)

There’s always more to learn

Goddess Mikaela knows the way to your wallet and heart
Mistress Mikaela is constantly learning and growing

The world of kink is constantly evolving and changing, and Mistress Mikaela is growing with it. After two years of being on the FinDom scene, she’s still constantly educating herself on new kinks. She takes her time to learn the nitty gritty of a kink before doing sessions. This ensures she can play safely. Taking this time also allows her to figure out if she actually enjoys the kink herself. This is so important because a submissive won’t enjoy a session if the Domme isn’t enjoying it as well. No one wants a Domme who’s just phoning it in. It’s clear as day when that happens and it’s not cute!

Meeting new amazing women is such a great part of writing for FFFBuzz.com and meeting Mistress Mikaela was a pleasure. I love meeting women who not only know how to completely dominate their submissives but make sure to do it responsibly and provide aftercare. Inexperienced people may think that FinDom doesn’t require aftercare. It does! I’m always delighted when Dommes bring it up. Overall, I was impressed and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mistress Mikaela.

To follow Mistress Mikaela go to: @GoddessMikaela1

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