How my Male to Female transformation is coming along so far – A letter to my Goddess


“Thank you so much for Your guidance and training, i have learned so much from You.

I have been delighted by the guidance You have given me, I enjoy experimenting with how I look, and I have learned much from you. I have long known there was something missing from my make-up… eyeliner!

For about a year I had been getting laser (actually IPL) treatment to remove my beard. It has been very successful with darker hairs, and by about 6 weeks ago I was starting to learn about lighter makeup more suitable to daytime – previously in order to hide the beard shadow I had been using Kryolan paint sticks, so a slightly orange shade for beard concealer, and then a natural shade for foundation. It’s effective but heavy, so adding more to it looked like too much. I’m in maintenance mode with the IPL now, there are still some that grow back but it’s much reduced. Kryolan is great for stage makeup, people who know what they are doing can do some awesome work. I was using it more because of its’ full coverage. With your guidance I have really enjoyed learning about beauty makeup.

What I have learned from you makes me much more confident, especially at night when more obvious makeup is desirable. I haven’t been game to try eye-liner for example, but what a difference it makes, and the MAC concealer brush, deals perfectly with the shadows I sometimes get under my eyes!

The other thing that makes a huge difference to me is Your encouragement. I am an expert at picking myself apart, but a few words of encouragement go a long way, thank-you for that, it is very generous, and very much appreciated.

The area I have been a failure at is shapewear. There is no escaping that I need to lose weight, and finding shapewear in my size is a huge challenge (not intended to be a pun). I suspect the best path to this is to lose weight, but I need to get back to hunting, surely there is more than one item in my size, I just need to find it. The weeks since the items that I ordered arrived have been distracted but I will get back onto that this week, I also need to get an exercise plan going, which will help with this and also prepare me for the next phase, namely a tummy tuck. I’m currently about 40kg below my peak, and it has left its’ mark that shapewear may conceal a little, but there is no substitute for surgery to tighten things up. I probably need to lose at least another 10kg, and keep it off for a while before surgery is an option.

I mentioned earlier about the confidence this has given me, I have been out of circulation a bit long and it’s time to do something about that. I’m not so much looking for a partner, more experiences, though if I found someone in my travels, that would be a bonus. I must look at what munches are around these days. I’m also fortunate to live in the music capital of Australia but have been a bit slow checking out the venues, I need to work on my wardrobe and what suits my figure. I have quite a large wardrobe, more women’s clothes than mens, but I’m not good at shopping for outfits unless I stick to basic black.

Again, thank you Goddess,
Obediently Yours

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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