How to Be an Online Domme During Covid-19

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In the epoch of Covid‐19, we’ve had to rethink how we manage connections, interactions and business in every day life. The world of BDSM is no exception. Dommes have found themselves at a crossroads – adapt to the new normal or stick with what’s worked. But with uncertainty mounting every day, how can we take BDSM digital? Follow these steps to be an online Domme.

Moving real life play, to the internet

Make no mistake, BDSM is an experience best done in person. In order to really dive into a play session, you need that human touch. But unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. There’s been an influx of Dommes taking to the online BDSM world and its changing the way we think about BDSM. Being an online Domme is proving to be a valuable experience for those participating. Many around the world who didn’t have access to dungeons, play spaces, parties, or Dommes, have found a rewarding and welcoming community online. Where once they were left searching for ways to satiate their kinks with others who may have been ignorant of proper safety techniques, now they now have access to exciting and safe ways of expressing their fetishes. Many who have been victim to predatory participants who skewed BDSM as abuse, now those same people have channels to contact knowledgeable professionals. Perhaps the pandemic is a blessing in disguise for kinksters and fetishists.

Being a Domme online is hard! And boy, do I mean hard. It’s an unfamiliar way to market to new clientele who aren’t used to proper protocols. But, how do you get into online domination and make it satisfying for you and the clients? The base of BDSM is sexual psychology and any professional Dominatrix knows this. Our job is to help the client explore a deeper sexual side of themselves. In the age of Covid, we can’t be there physically but we are there psychologically. In that regard, we can weave magic and create a wonderful experience for them.

Here’s a few things you should know about being an online Domme and how to sustain yourself until you can get back in that dungeon and whip those boys into the subs they are.


Clips are probably the most popular way to express yourself as a Dominatrix. They’re easy too, requiring little investment. If you have a cell phone, you can get started. There’s a variety of quality sites that fit everyone’s personal style. The downside to clips is you need to build the market. Often times, this can feel disconnecting. Don’t let it! The camera has the potential to be the biggest audience you’ve ever had. The time investment can be substantial as well. The more you post, the more you’re seen. Think of the benefits though. If you’re not big on one‐on‐one interactions, clips can be a godsend. Do it right and it has the potential to be your primary source of income. You can do it your way without having to worry about catering to anyone’s particular desires.


I’ve learned phone operation is a lucrative option for many Dommes. There’s a lot of flexibility in schedule. With the phone, specializing in certain fetishes and kinks can make you stand out. It’s not all easy money though. It takes a lot of knowledge to set up profiles, do graphic design, and create extra “goodies” to help you be seen. It can also cost more due to the advertising necessary in order to acquire your clients. If you’re willing to put in a bit of extra time and a little effort, this could be a great option for you!


To me, cam is one of the most effective and fulfilling parts of being an online Dominatrix. One of the most alluring parts of doings cams, is the wide variety of options you have. You can set yourself up on live sites where you’re in a chatroom and open to the public for free to solicit. This type is freeing because you can just be your sexy, powerful self and collect tips from the viewer. Of course, the bigger draw is to get them to go private with you for a more personal experience. This method can become time consuming however. Ultimately, the dividends vary greatly from model to model. It’s also a bit of Russian Roulette because you never know who’s coming in your room. It can turn in to a big guess at what will attract the clientele you want. This one has the chance for reward but can be a long game.

Another option is personal, individual cams. These are obviously still live cams, but you create a profile and a set a per-minute price (not unlike the phone services.) They contact you, you negotiate the scene and
amount of time, then you both connect over live video services. This method can be the easiest transition and most lucrative. However, just like phone it takes time setting up the profiles. You’ll need some knowledge of HTML or markdown, a little awareness of graphic design, and the right way to word things tin order to make you enticing. There can also be a lot of waiting around.

If you can maximize your time though, you can combine all three methods at once and create an online domination empire.

Working as a Dominatrix over the internet can be done

Many Dommes have successfully transferred to the online world prior to and even during covid. I’m one of them. It’s introduced me to a world where wonderful people look to me to help them explore a deeper sexual side of themselves. Many of them, just regular kinksters trying to navigate a new normal. Online has the power to connect us when in-person meetings aren’t feasible. Being an online Domme has taught me to look beyond my blinders and expand my own perceptions of kink and fetish experiences. Nothing will ever beat (pun intended) the sensations, thrills, and connection of being in a dungeon with a sub, but being online has taught me to think more creatively on how to be the best Dominatrix I can be. If that means adapting to new situations that open me up to a bigger world of subs, I’m all for it.

Have you had any experiences with online BDSM? Let us know in the comments!

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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