I am a bisexual switch, that only submits to Women and dominates men.


You read that title right. I am a bisexual switch that for some reason, will only be a submissive for Females. Being a former professional dominatrix, I have dominated Women during sessions. This situation was easy for me as I used my professional persona, and I had a job to do.

However, in my personal life, dominating a Women does not feel right to me. You ever have that gut feeling that something does not feel right, when I am in the bedroom with Women, I get that if they want to sub. Now before anyone says anything, I always have a conversation with my partner before anything happens, so we both know limits, safewords etc. The typical discussion before any kinky things happens.

For me, a woman is not someone weak and generally submissive. Our bodies and minds are amazing things that need to be worshipped and adored. Our strength is second to none, and every women’s mind is entirely different and unique to the next. As you can tell, I love the Female; body, mind and soul, nothing compares to it, for me.

On the other hand, dominating males comes naturally to me. That weird feeling I spoke about earlier; I get the same feeling when I submit to males.
Males, I believe, should always be on their knees, face down, hands on knees. I do love the male body and mind as well. Probably not as much as a women’s but I still love it. I wouldn’t be bi otherwise.

It still amazes me that I can not submit to males. Maybe it is because I want to prove to myself that I am not weak, when in the presence of males. I have a theory that one reason I like to dominate men is that deep down I know females can take orders, have manners and handle pain, a lot better than men. In my experience males, find the simplest task very difficult. The pain threshold for males is nowhere near as high as females. So maybe deep down, I have a need to train males to make them a better person. Or maybe I am a bit sadistic. Or both.

I love the way I am, and I wouldn’t change how I am for the world. It has taken me years to accept how I am, but I am glad I have gotten here and being able to share with you all.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

One response to “I am a bisexual switch, that only submits to Women and dominates men.”

  1. BiGirl Bye! says:

    I totally get this! I think it’s from being a Domme that I want to dominate men more but believe women should be worshiped. So if I chose to be with a woman I want to worship her. I completely get that!

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