Like most people I have so many kinks.  But the best thing about kink is that its like branches off a tree if you do the work you can trace them…


My Kinks and I

Like most people I have so many kinks.  But the best thing about kink is that its like branches off a tree if you do the work you can trace them back to a common core trunk of fetish. For example, I have a kink around being forced to orgasm over and over, till the point of no pleasure or cum left till I’m just dry and twitching. Be it by hand or milking machine or sex, the idea seems to appeal to me on a deep level and its origin can be traced like most of my kinks to a belief in female superiority.

The Male sex can only pleasurably orgasm a few times before it becomes truly uncomfortable and exploiting this weakness along with contrasting it with the potential unlimited nature of female sexual expression makes me so weak.  Along with the surrender of control its about going beyond sexual gratification making it not just a kink but a state of brokenness achieved through exploiting the sexual weakness of men that pushes a man beyond his lust into accepting female superiority. The idea of having no sex drive, no sexual desire but to still want to submit, to please and be made to accept the woman in the relationship as superior is such a turn on.

This couples well with he fact that I have hyperspermia my stamina and sex drive as a result have always been high and sexual partners have often been “tired out” during sex and this has always given me a sense of unnatural strength, its balance that I seek to and enjoy seeing repaired. Hyperspermia makes me uncomfortably horny the idea a woman could relive that whilst I couldn’t again makes the woman have a true place of power and admiration in the sexual side of the relationship.

Other kinks include leather which I see as adding a layer of protection, of strength. It’s like a uniform and even just seeing a leather jacket on a woman makes me feel slightly submissive like it sends a signal saying this is the marker of someone who deserves your support, as if I’ve already been trained like a dog to respond to it.

Giving a woman control, letting her be on top in bed, letting her control how I jerk, giving her dominant positions even day to day but without being a deadweight or not contributing to a constructive healthy relationship all tie in with kinks of boot worship, femdom, bdsm and cbt. My biggest kink however is that I really enjoy deep personal femdom connections, in all my relationships this part of me has had to stay hidden. I am as in my day to day a strong, capable provider and protector, to be vulnerable with someone and to have a caring femdom connection is a true kink for me that has not been fulfilled and is based on the truest sense for people to want to know us, deeply, personally.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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