“I know my worth and never undersell myself” – Goddess Sasha Celeste

I love to support my Irish sisters. One beauty that caught my eye early on was the Goddess Sasha Celeste. With a soft and gentle aesthetic, this innocent and angelic looking beauty is not here to play games (unless with a subs’ balls for her own pleasure). This outspoken Goddess is one to watch. She will stick to her guns and if she sees someone who needs calling out, she WILL speak up.

She knows what she wants, how to get it and how much you’re willing to hand over to get it

After a friend introduced her to FemDomme about 6 years ago through the BDSM scene, she began to incorporate FinDomme into her style too. While exploring this world of kink she found her natural dominance really came through and she was really drawn to this sense of power. The power exchange was what made her really want to continue exploring and learning about the kink scene.

She loves to play and toy with her subs. She loves to tease her subs with little hints of her beauty and her naughty side, then taking it right back and denying them. With this, as expected, her subs worship the ground she walks on, her body and all while she is placing them in chastity.

She enjoys humiliating her subs while also getting them to open up and empty their wallets for her. She doesn’t need your money, but she definitely wants it!

Throughout her journey, Goddess Sasha Celeste has learnt about her self-worth and how to value and not undersell herself. She knows her mind and has learnt that there will always be those out there who are trying to undermine you, under pay you, or scam you.

This goes for your personal life as well as FemDomme/FinDomme life. This is an important message for all our readers out there. Know your worth – and don’t let kinksters/fetishests try and make you change your values.

Know yourself and that you are worth it!

If you want to follow Goddess Sasha Celeste go on to Twitter: @SashaC_Findom

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

One response to ““I know my worth and never undersell myself” – Goddess Sasha Celeste”

  1. Submissive Sam says:

    What a beauty! And I love a woman who knows her worth! All women are Goddesses but some don’t realise that. I wonder is there anything in particular she did that helped her learn this fact?

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