I wonder what would it be like to be a cuckold to my Mistress? My imagination runs wild at the thought


The day started like they all do since I have been a slave, up at 5am, shower, make-up, dress in my maid uniform, for a 6am start. While Goddess sleeps, my workday begins, I take the boots She left outside Her room to the basement for cleaning, dust the dining room and set the table for breakfast. While waiting for Her to rise and summon me, I set about my chores.

Later, as Goddess sat at her table, i brought her breakfast up from the kitchen on a silver tray, served it to her, curtsied and asked if she would like anything else. She said “no”, and I took up my place standing to attention to the side of the room, as I had been trained, waiting for further orders.

When She had completed her meal, “bitch”, goddess said, “I have a date tonight, it’s your first time to be my cuckold”.

OMG! I know what a cuckold is, but I am not her partner, and I have never even considered us having sex, so what could she mean? The word, Cuckold sent a shiver down my spine though. I soon found out, I would help Goddess prepare, serve them before they went to dinner at a restaurant, and again on their return. In addition, Goddess advised me, I would pay for everything.

“Yes Goddess, thankyou very much for this honour”, I said desperately masking my true thoughts: “OMG! How much will this cost me” I have been saving what I can to hopefully buy my freedom one day. I don’t know if she saw my fear, but her smile when I thanked her seemed to say, forget notions of freedom I won’t allow you, you’re mine for life, BITCH!

Evening came, and the doorbell rang. I opened the front door, there was a handsome man, in a fine suit, he was about 6.5 feet tall, clearly very fit. “Good evening”, he said, “tell your Mistress I am here”, I recognised him as John Smith, Goddess’s Alpha.

“Yes Mr Smith”, I said, “would you like to come in and wait in the sitting room?”

He stepped into the entrance hall, I took his coat and directed him to the sitting room. He sat on the sofa, while I left to inform Goddess of his presence.

Goddess descended the stairs and entered the sitting room. Soon, I was summoned with vibration in my collar, and entered. Mistress and Mr Smith were sitting together on the sofa. I stood silently waiting instructions. Mr Smith asked that I serve drinks, “Yes Mister Smith”, I said, looking at Goddess for the look of approval before continuing. Goddess instructed me that from now on I was to treat orders from Mr Smith as if they came from Her, that I was to refer to him as “Master”. “Yes Mistress”, I said. Wasting no time demonstrating his dominance, Mister Smith said “slut, kiss my shoes”. “Yes Master” I said as I knelt before him and started kissing, this was unusual for me, I had been trained to be a slave to Black Female Supremacy, what did this mean? “and the soles” he said angling his shoes, I grovelled to comply.

This probably only lasted a minute, though it seemed longer before he said “enough, now go get our drinks”, “Yes Master, at once master”, I wondered at what else he may demand in future, “slut” he had called me. Goddess had never ordered me to obey a man before. I knew I would comply, whatever it was.

Sissy Maid. Image source: Fubar

The time came for Goddess and Master to go out, “you are to tidy up, and then you may rest until we return” Goddess said. After they left, I cleaned the sitting room, and tidied Goddesses bedroom, replacing sheets, pillow cases, and turning down her bed. I didn’t know if Master would stay the night, it didn’t matter, this was my nightly routine.

I went to my room, I was daydreaming of what it would like to be courted by a man, to have him take me to dinner, to make passionate love to me ‘sigh’. Such things are not for slaves, but we can day-dream. Goddess once told me “daydream all you like, about people, going to places, whatever you would like to do, but your body belongs to me, and I assure you, it stays here unless I say otherwise.”

I watched TV, I am barred from the Internet at the moment, and time went by until I was again summoned by my collar vibrating. Sometimes I feel my collar rules me, though I didn’t suspect how much so.

Goddess only said, “you are to be Punkah Wallah tonight”

Mistress’s bedroom has a manually operated fan hanging from the ceiling. It’s of the type known as a “Punkah”, requiring a slave to pull on and release the rope that operated it. Goddess instructed me to operate it as Goddess and Master make love. There is no need for a slave to do this, the house has air-conditioning, but it excites her to have a white slave do such a menial task while watching her make love, sometimes directing the slave to face away from the bed so they can only hear. She likes reminding us that only our betters make love, as if we could forget.

I stand there pulling the rope, then releasing it, pulling then releasing, as i see Mistress and her date make love, between pulling on the rope and releasing it, watching him thrust in, and out, in and out, my Goddess, he is very well endowered, i haven’t had sex since i began my service to Goddess, sex is for my betters, the only sex for a slave is with their hand, if they are fortunate enough to be allowed it, or being used for their Mistress/Master’s pleasure. Watching this is too much, i am horny beyond belief, i don’t even notice my free hand moving over my crotch, rubbing, the growing wet patch from pre-cum. I’m only aware of the sudden burst of fire in my neck, it comes from my collar and drops me to my knees in agony. And then Goddess yells: 

“How dare you pleasure yourself in my presence!”
“You will be punished for this”
“Now, get back to your station and keep fanning, and only fanning!”

I jump to it and restart, as though the eagerness of my action might mitigate the severity of the punishment to come.

I knew my new-found fervour for my menial task wouldn’t save me, i tried not to speculate about my fate, just being mindful about operating the fan. I expected the punishment to be severe. The hormones Mistress gives me have not only sterilised me, but they had their effect on my penis, and there is no risk of it ever pleasuring a woman. Mistress does allow me to masturbate, but in private, and I have to pay her a fine each time. I try not to do it too often so I can save money, but I can’t last forever, and it makes me more horny the rest of the time.

The next day, Goddess didn’t call me, had she forgotten? Was she still angry? I don’t know. I performed my chores diligently, the Victorians were clever when designing these houses, there were separate servant’s stairs and corridors which allowed us to perform our work without being seen by Goddess unless summoned.

The next day, while performing my chores, I was summoned, not by the buzzer in my collar, but the mild shock. The message was clear, “I want you in front of me 5 minutes ago – don’t keep me waiting”. I rushed to Her room, knocked on the door, and waited to be summoned. I then opened the door and entered as silently as I could, and moved where she motioned me to go. She motioned for me to kneel, I complied, bowing my head and waited while Mistress finished the newspaper she was reading.

“Fiona” she said with all the menace of a parent using their child’s full name when they are in deep trouble. 

“You disappointed, and embarrassed me greatly”

Those are words I never want to hear. Knowing I have let down Goddess, whom I love dearly, seems worse than any punishment she can give me, but I sense she plans to try.

“Ye…” I manage to say before “SILENCE – I will do the talking, you will do the listening!”

“I generously allow you to masturbate, but strictly in private, and this is how you repay me!”

“What am i to do?”

“Should I put you in Chastity?”

“Should I send you to re-education?”

Pausing to let them sink in, and sink in they did, she continued:

“If I catch you doing this again, I will do both of these, but as it’s your first offence, I have decided to go easy on you.”

“Your sentence is 60 lashes of the cane, and GBP 100 fine.”

“I will administer the lashes this afternoon, for now though, cuck, we have something else to deal with.”

It’s time to pay your cuckold dues, now lets see:

Dinner last night: 350
Taxi: 76
Tip for the wait staff: 70 Ð yes, we decided you would want to be generous.
Fine: 100
Cum fine: 20 (I didn’t get to cum, but Goddess said it was due because she felt the intent was there)

Let’s see, that adds up to: 616, we’ll round that up to 620.

I’ll just log into your account to take it, shall I?

“Yes Goddess, thank-You”, I lowered my head further.

“I see you have been saving from your meagre minimum wage job, 800, that’s such a good effort, there can’t be much left over each week after board, food, paying for your clothing etc.”. Goddess has control over my banking, slaves are not permitted bank accounts on their own, if they are allowed one, it’s with their owner as custodian. I suspect she was mocking me, that maybe being cuckold was so she could take it in the most humiliating way possible. She continued “Now, I’ll take my 620 for date night, and that leaves you with a nest-egg of 180. What do you say, bitch?”

I couldn’t say what I was thinking, that was over 75% of my savings, that I had been putting away for months, gone with one night’s pleasure for Goddess and her Alpha. On the other hand, it had given goddess and her alpha pleasure, and I do lover Her. And I realised it gave me pleasure, money in our society is power, and Goddess had taken most of mine, I was humiliated but now more horny than ever.

“Thank-You Goddess for allowing me to give You and your Alpha a good night, and I am so sorry I ruined it by thinking of myself.”, it was humiliating grovelling like that, but what choice did I have.

“You are welcome, bitch, there is the remainder of your sentence to be served, but I will forgive you.”

“Now get back to work, I will summon you when it is time for the cane”, 60 lashes with the cane, I had never experienced that many before, 10 is painful enough. I trembled at the thought, I resumed my chores thinking every minute of the ordeal to come. The ordeal I can only blame myself for.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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