If You’re Looking for a Sensual Experience and the Chance to Worship, Mistress Maggie is Here to Satisfy You

Mistress Maggie

BDSM can strengthen a relationship in so many ways. For some it can create a whole different level of intimacy and strengthen trust between those involved. For others, it can be cathartic (especially in the case of role reversal). I’ve mentioned before about how the kink world has been great for my relationship. Swinging and Dominating others really works for us because I’m a very top-leaning switch. I only switch for my partner and everyone else I Dominate. Being a part of this community allows me to release that Dominant energy in a healthy way and is a very positive part of my relationship. Mistress Maggie has also found that BDSM and kink has been great for her marriage. Sixteen years and still going strong; that’s a win to me!

Filling the void

Mistress Maggie
A stunning cougar!

It was during a rocky patch in her marriage that Mistress Maggie found BDSM. There was a void she needed to fill. While investigating a couple for the law firm she works for, she discovered BDSM. She was intrigued that people were exploring this side of themselves and wanted to learn more. After setting up a FetLife profile, she met her mentor and began her journey of exploration. Black Spank Daddy was the mentor who reached out to Mistress Maggie and when he learnt how new to the scene she was, he got her to take the BDSM test. From there he guided her on her journey and helped her discover her true kinky potential. Finding a mentor when entering the BDSM world is definitely a good idea and a piece of advice that Mistress Maggie gives to anyone who asks.

A beautiful sensualist

Mistress Maggie is all smiles
The beauty of a Goddess

Similarly to myself, Mistress Maggie realised that while she is more Dominant, she does love to be spanked and pampered. So she is in fact a top leaning Switch. This allows her to cover all her needs. She gets to be the one in control and have men worship her like she deserves. A thing I absolutely love about Mistress Maggie is the way she describes her style of Domination. She describes herself as a “sensualist” and I love that term. When she Dominates her subs, she does it for the moans of pleasure they let out. She’s not a sadist and doesn’t get pleasure from dishing out pain. Her pleasure and arousal comes from their enjoyment. I love this style of Dominating because it resonates with me. This paired with her description shows me that she really loves what she does.

Through BDSM, Mistress Maggie has found an outlet to fill that craving she had within that she didn’t even know about. I love that. She gets to receive the worship she deserves, not only from her spouse but from her loyal subs too. Be nice to her and she’ll take care of you. Feed her desires and worship her like the Goddess she is and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to receive the attention you crave.

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