“I’m a hood Domme, a Big Sis, and a Pimp” I learn about the life of Mischievous Maddie and fall in awe

Now there are Domme goals – and then there’s Mischievous Maddie! This absolute Queen of Matriarchy is definitely one to be admired. A wonderful submissive that I’m friendly with told me of her friendship with Mischievous Maddie, and so I looked on her profile. Not only is the content she has on her feed deliciously mischievous, but this is one woman who knows how to dominate! I was in absolute awe while talking to her. She is not only beautiful, strong, and independent in both her thinking and actions; but she also knows what she wants. Plus, she loves dinosaurs! What more could you want?!

Growing up in a Matriarchy

Mischievous Maddie has grown up seeing true matriarchy

It is absolutely no surprise that Mischievous Maddie grew up to be a strong and independent woman; raised by her mother who was a lifestyle Domme. So, she grew up with a submissive man in the house who worked a full-time job to pay bills and raised herself and her siblings, cleaned the house and even did her mothers perms and nails! Being that she came from a family of strong, predominantly black women, she was used to the idea of a natural matriarchy and just assumed every married woman had a “Jeff”.

One evening, Mischievous Maddie’s mother explained to them who Jeff was over dinner. He was serving them a liver dinner. Mischievous Maddie instantly said, ‘so if he’s pretty much a servant, I need him to do better with dinner’. And do you know what? He did. He went and made her chicken instead. She told me her brother laughed at this response, and I’m not surprised. That sort of quick wit is something I think we can all admire. Seeing her mum get the treatment she not only demanded but deserved made it very clear to Maddie that she also wanted to be worshipped and spoiled.

The exchange of power

It’s all about the obsession

Mischievous Maddie does, of course, love the money she receives from her good subs but what is really important to her is the devotion she receives. She loves the idea of being on someone’s mind 24/7. She’s described the obsession as “delicious”. She enjoys pushing her subs body to its limits to achieve this level of worship. They become entranced by her. Sissification is another form of kink that Mischievous Maddie enjoys. She finds pushing her subs past their gender norms, playing with their sexuality and identity hot. Of course, this is all consensual and safe – but it can lead a sub to want to submit even more as they want to keep exploring that side of themselves.

“I’m a hood Domme, a Big Sis, and a Pimp”

Mischievous Maddie

Living the dream

Preferring to live alone, Mischievous Maddie has her subs come and go from her house how and only when she pleases. This includes her husband who submits to her but is Alpha to her other subs. This to me sounds like the dream! The space and piece of mind of your own space but men that you love (her husband) and men that you care about, who adore you at the click of her fingers! Also, no stinky boy smells! I like her observation that “distance makes the service sweeter”. And this must be true. She can delay her subs whenever she wants to toy and play with them, and so when their phone does buzz requesting them to call over for their task, they’re eager and excited to go serve.

Each of Mischievous Maddie’s subs have their own tasks. She has a “Snack Sub”, a “Delivery Sub” for when she’s hungry, a “Sex Toy Sub”, a “Maintenance Sub”, and even a sub that comes to buy her make up and shave her pussy for her! If this isn’t living the dream, then I don’t know what is! And what’s lovely about this situation is that they all know each other, have a group text going together to make sure her needs and desires are met at all times. I mean, they even play Animal Crossing together! (That last part I found super sweet!)

Mischievous Maddie knows how it’s done

I’m just in awe!

Mischievous Maddie is the definition of a woman who has realised that women ARE powerful; that we can be in control. She’s aware that the patriarchal nature of our society is messed up! But, she knows that it can be dismantled and that men can be trained to work hard and serve women. I’m in total awe of this amazing woman and I’m sure you are now too!

To follow Mischievous Maddie go to Twitter at: @MistressMadeli6

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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