Incredibly addictive & ruthlessly demanding – Mistress Charlotte is here to dominate you.

Best described as a stunning beauty that lures you in while ruling your every thought, Mistress Charlotte is dominating and taking over! When I first joined NSFW Twitter, Mistress Charlotte was one of the first Dommes I came across – and I was mesmerised by her. Her ‘take no nonsense’ attitude paired with a genuine love of kink and BDSM makes her fascinating and enthralling to follow.

I really enjoyed getting to pick her brains and learn some more about a domme I’ve admired for ages.

From the quiet Dales to the world of Kink

After learning about the kink scene from her friend’s step mum while having a few drinks one night (wild I know!), Mistress Charlotte decided to explore her dominant side. She knew straight away that being dominant was what she was looking for.

While she is naturally dominant in her personal life, there was something missing, and this is how she found herself delving into the world of FemDomme – which later led to FinDomme.

In her own words, “money is a kink for everyone, realistically”. While loving the power exchange (especially when pegging her subs) that goes on, Mistress Charlotte has loved meeting new people through the world of NSFW Twitter.

With 34,900 followers Mistress Charlotte has definitely drawn in the attention of lots and LOTS of people in the Twittersphere. I wondered did she have any particular rituals when it comes to having a real-time session.

Firstly, (as we love at she makes sure to establish limits with the subs, for both them and herself. She also likes to go to the gym beforehand in order to work out any pent-up stress or nerves from her personal life. This way she’s able to give her subs a session without any distractions from her personal life. This practice also ensures that a session is safe because she’s not at risk of getting carried away and taking out her personal stress on a sub.

Another thing I love about Mistress Charlotte is that whilst she is stern and dominant, (you don’t want to cross her) she does actually care about her subs and wants to see them succeed. I love this because we all know that, above everything else, the kink scene is meant to be fun!

Describing herself as “Sunshine with a bit of hurricane” I can totally see that. When you sub for her you’ll go through a wild whirlwind of emotions but always be left smiling!

To follow Mistress Charlotte go to: @worshipMC173

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One response to “Incredibly addictive & ruthlessly demanding – Mistress Charlotte is here to dominate you.”

  1. Mistress Jane says:

    Mistress Charlotte seems fascinating!! I love someone who can mix being so dominating with looking after their subs too. I’d love to learn more!

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