Instagram Discrimination. Sex workers, Fetish artists, Dominatrices and Kinksters are having their accounts shut down with no explanation or warning.


For many perhaps over a year now, the Instagram accounts of many professional sex workers have been shut down. We have seen countless celebrities and Females displaying sexual images, nudity included, open for public viewing, and yet those in the Fetish and kink world are being silenced for far less.

The Adult Performers Actors Guild have put together action to try and help those who have had accounts removed.

As we are organizing performers, we have new performers  
joining the fight every few minutes. The amount of performers that  
have been deleted or blocked from using the platform is astounding.

Our first step will be to contact Instagram on your behalf to attempt  
to have your account reinstated. Our lawyer will begin the dialogue  
next week with our current list. As more performers join, we will  
continue to add them to our cause, thus adding more and more pressure  
against the social media giant. Performers are continuing to be  
removed as we speak, robbing them of well earned revenue and traffic,  
affecting their incomes and businesses.

As we are putting together information and our case, I may have  
questions from time to time or need to contact you with updates.  
Please be sure to add our email address to your contacts to help  
prevent messages being sent to your spam folder.

A few you of you have mentioned that you were offered to have your  
account reinstated by a “recovery service.” If this happened to you,  
please reply with any information you may have that was  
sent to you.

Thank you so much for getting involved! Together we are stronger!

Alana Evans
Adult Performers Actors Guild

The discrimination is obvious:

And there really is no doubt here:

If you would like to join the fight and attempt to have your account/s reinstated follow

You can also attempt to have your account reinstated here

You can join the strike on 19th June in California and New York by signing up here

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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