THE CENTER STAGE. Introducing: Miss Nera Skye. Professional Provider of Profanity

Miss Nera Skye

We at love sharing the talented women we come across with you. When women realise their true power and really take it by the balls it’s inspiring. Well, when I came across Miss Nera Skye I was definitely inspired! This Bad-Ass Mistress caught my attention with her PSA videos including everything from putting subs in their place (yes, Stefan, I’m talking about you!), to a reminder that it’s Pancake Day! Not only is she strikingly beautiful with a stern, foul mouth but the dominant presence she oozes is just amazing!

Always one for an origin story I had to ask her a few questions.

How Did it All Begin?

Miss Nera Skye has been interested in the kink scene for about 12 years but has only been working in the sex industry for about 5 years. Her story is one of a gradual and natural progression into the world of sex work and one that she has made sure to fully own. The first step on her journey was working for a sex-line. While working there she began dominating over the phone and really finding her voice (pun intended). Miss Nera Skye had her first real-time professional session with a client from the call centre and after it went well thought to herself “I’m getting pretty good at this”. That confidence led to her to the belief that she was definitely taking the right route and becoming a Dominatrix was what she wanted.

You may also recognise her from her short stint modelling for a famous “UK Based Adult Chat Show”. Miss Nera Skye has experienced quite a bit of success on screen and was very popular but felt that this line of work wasn’t quite the right fit for her. She found herself disappointed by the lack of knowledge about BDSM and Dominatrix’s the marketing team had. Also, if you’ve ever watched any of her videos on Twitter (if you haven’t then get on it!) you’ll know that Miss Nera Skye is a feminist through and through. If she was going to be camming for a chat show, she wanted to work for a company made by women and for women. This led her to decide to go out and set up properly on her own – answering to nobody but herself.

So What’s Happening With Her Now?

Since then she’s gone from strength to strength. She has her own website for bookings, a large Twitter following AND has been nominated for “Best Newcomer” in the UK Fetish Awards 2020! This prestigious award ceremony takes place on April 9th 2020 so there’s still loads of time to vote for your favourite nominees! I asked Miss Nera Skye how she felt about being nominated and she told me: “Pretty damn stoked. I didn’t think I’d made such a huge impact on a massive industry.” It’s statements like this that make people like Miss Nera Skye everything I look for in a Domme (and everything I hope to be). She’s a total Boss Bitch but she’s also humble. In the session application form on her website she offers full on “Cruel” sessions but also allows time for some aftercare (and we all know how much we love aftercare at!). She has a foul mouth (which I love) but also gives advice to aspiring and struggling Dommes. It’s all about balance! To me, she epitomises the term Dominatrix and I wish her luck for the UK Fetish Awards 2020!

To see more of Miss Nera Skye go to: or

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2 responses to “THE CENTER STAGE. Introducing: Miss Nera Skye. Professional Provider of Profanity”

  1. EllenDegenerate says:

    Miss Nera Skype is AMAZING!!! The epitome of a classic style Domme with a modern twist. LOVE watching her videos and seeing her content!

  2. xxPunxPrincessxx says:

    I’m a big fan of hers, and her accent is totally addictive! PANCAKE DAY!!!

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