Ladies and Gentleman, please be upstanding, for the creator of Female Fetish Federation: The FFFemBoss.

A Word from The FFFemBoss

We are pleased to have The Beautiful Brain behind FFF come in for a chat, introduce herself and share with us how she plans to make this business work for all curious fetishists and Female Fetish Artists.

Check out the video, or read the transcript below

Hello FFFemBoss, how are you?

I am wonderful! How are you?

We are great, thank you for asking. So please, could you tell us who you are…?

Well, I am a Female Fetish Artist myself and have been producing content online for many years. When I first began producing fetish content, I didn’t realise it was a “thing”. I have always really enjoyed the expression in creativity anyway, but to find myself really involved in so many aspects of it, from just creating fun media, but then developing a real understanding of it has been a great journey to be a part of .

Prior to that I always had an interest in kink. I always found myself a little on the naughty side and as I became older, my interests just grew and grew. It’s always fun doing a “thing” before you actually realise it’s a “thing”.

So, what is the Female Fetish Federation all about?

FFF was created as a platform to bring together all those who identify as Female in Fetish. I’ve always felt that Fetish Artists have been shoehorned into pornography, so it’s time to shine a bigger light on what we do, and show that we are accessible to a much wider audience!

The scene focusses a lot on Dominatrices from a FemDom or FinDom background these days. But what about the submissive Females? Or the switches? Or the kinky Female content creators? or the Females that reside in the LGBTQ+, people of color, disabled, deaf and blind communities? They deserve to be heard too and it is our job to give them all a voice.

What’s the biggest things you’ve learned about yourself since becoming a Fetish Artist?

I’ve learned that Fetish is a journey. I started off being introduced to one Fetish and then my love for the quirky and misunderstood just went from there. I have learned so much from my peers in person, and on social media, and have been educated many times, (even when I haven’t asked to be…!) but I still remain grateful for all the teachings.

I’ve also learned that it’s ok to be good at what you do. Whilst some will be negative about your success, that is the minority, no matter how loud you think they might be. There is a very warm and welcoming part of our community that will champion any achievements that you have made.

How would you describe the culture of the scene you work in?

I would describe it in sections, or groups of people actually. 1 group are the old skool Fetishists/BDSMers. These are the ones who still stand by practices and really do their best to educate the newcomers. They might come across a bit “holier than thou” but I believe their hearts are in the right place. They are just very protective over what they do.

Another group are the newcomers. As we live in a digital age now, most people are discovering their fetishes online more, and less in dungeon environments. Before BDSM used to be very exclusive. You had to “know someone who knows someone else” to be able to experience something a little more on the kinky side. Now it is much more accessible to all, and much more people are opening themselves up to new experiences.

Overall I think the culture is great. I have attended many Fetish events in my life and found the scene so welcoming, especially internationally. I think there are always people to help, and even though it may feel a little insular at times, the community is much bigger than we may realise.

In what ways do you think we could get a wider audience to understand what we do?

Our aim at FFF is to do just that. By providing resources and opening up conversations with the world, we can teach people more about us, and they too will discover Fetishes of their own. A lot of people don’t like what they don’t understand, and that’s why contributors to The Buzz are so important.

The writers here can talk about their own experiences. What it was like to go from being a “vanilla” person (a term we used to call “normal” people), to a Professional Dominatrix, or Lifetstyle Dominatrix, or FinDomme, or Fetish Artist, or submissive, or kinkster, or slave.

Why do you think manholes are round?

Hmm, that’s a good question! And why are they called manholes and not womenholes haha well I think they are round because they must be easier to make in the factory? Like using a protractor, it has one setting. If you have to make corners and edges, more detail is required. Plus a man made it I am assuming so they went for the easy option haha!

So, you’re not going to reveal who you are?

I like being an Enigma for now! Plus this really isn’t about me. It’s about everyone else, and all of us working together.

When it’s all over, how do you want to be remembered?

I would love to be remembered as someone who made time for everyone, and that I was just always being myself. I don’t know how to be anybody else! And I hope everyone enjoys what we have to bring to the Fetish scene.

Thank you for your time, FFFemBoss!

Of course, it is my pleasure!


Please stay tuned for more FFFemBoss updates as and when they come through. She’ll be giving company updates, and generally sharing what’s on her mind. It will make for great reading, trust us!

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Mike Hamilton says:

    This is a great site she has created so congratulations to FFFBuzz

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