Introducing TS Desire’s new London Play Space. New and experienced submissives welcome


Firstly I would like to thank the team at FemFetFed for inviting me to be a small part of their project.

Today I am writing an article about my new BDSM equipment and play space.

My darling friend and Ex-Domme Governess Elizabeth who recently retired from Domming to go onto a new and wonderful path with her new career said that she wanted to hand down all of her equipment to me and that she felt she couldn’t think of anyone more deserving and that she knew that it would be going to a good home with me.. With easily over £7k worth of equipment that she offered to me and refused to take anything for it.

I got one of my submissive faggot boys to drive us along to the storage unit with his van. I had another submissive who put most of the equipment together.

My D.I.Y submissive came and fitted blinds within the house and my Chef brought me a Throne to make the place into a true mini BDSM Palace.

I have a fetters bed with cage underneath perfect for any submissives who please me enough to invite them to stay over night.

I also have a fetters spanking bench:


stocks, wall mirror, Che’s Lounge a very wide selection of toys from electro – stem butt plug and sounding rods a variety of hoods and gags to some rather large plugs and strap ons

I have a lot of things to keep myself occupied tantalising and teasing my submissives that are lucky enough to visit me.

Also some great flogging tools to distribute punishment where needed. So my little play space is open and ready for new submissives.

I would like to make it very clear that although I do welcome submissives who can show me the finer things that I am accustomed to enjoying at times… I am just as happy to see submissives who have something better than money to bring to the table if you have skills that would be of any assistance to me then you would also be very welcomed to come and play in my dungeon.

Do you have any of the following skills? I am currently seeking submissives who can offer their skill sets to help my life be as easy and smooth as possible.

  • Marketing Online and Offline experience I am seeking someone to help with both my kinky business and my vanilla business’s too…
  • Photgrapher / Videographer I am also seeking a professional photographer and videographer submissive you must be very good.
  • Cleaning submissive required who is available to serve me three days a week and must be extremely OCD I am looking for someone who can keep on top of the house keeping and make sure the place is always spottless and shining.

I am often asked how tributes work with me.. Here is the answer.

When making a tribute to Goddess Ts Desire you should firstly look at what you can afford?

Are you in the position to be able to offer a long term arrangement or are you struggling to pay your bills?

Desire doesn’t mind either way.. If you can afford to help her with many aspects including financial then that is great.. If you have a low wage she is happy for you to simply go without lunch and save her money from that you can always offer to make up for your financial short comings in other ways you can take up a small part time job to bring in extra income to Goddess or you can bring your already well trained lifeskills to help her.

Can you do gardening, D.I.Y, or any of the above skills that will help Mistress. Are you good looking and hoping to become a kinky porn star and happy to be filmed serving Mistress?

There is many ways you can tribute to making your mistresses life better.. But don’t come to me or any other mistress expecting to bring nothing to the table we don’t build up our equipment or reputation so that you can come expecting just to be there for your enjoyment only… The whole point of you wanting to be a submissive is to make your Mistresses life better… Obviously true submissive’s already know this and those who are new should be researching about it.

You can follow Desire on the following links:

@Ts_Desire on twitter

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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