Ironically a big strength is the ability to recognise a person’s own weaknesses but unfortunately ego, are own self-protection mechanism can react against it.


Weakness and Correction

The issue with weakness is that is it prevents correction. You can’t fix a broken car if you can’t identify the break and as good as the rest of the car might function often just a couple of faults can affect overall performance leaving you stranded in Lincoln with elbows coated in brake fluid. That’s why we sometimes need outside forces especially if the male ego is involved.

Due to society I believe men are forced to have protective egos, in a society so obsessed with proving your worth and your ability. Men are vulnerable to this as we are being locked and left in the centre of a highly competitive culture of toxic masculinity. That’s why I will be always grateful to the women in my life who point out when I fail and despite potential buck back still are brave enough to hold my failings to account.

In the past girlfriends and family have fulfilled this role, my sisters lessons on how you talk to woman were imparted to me years ago and have meant I’m proud to have never referred to a woman as anything but a woman, and when my own brother called a woman a “bird” I was able to correct him, pointing out the distinct lack of beak and feathers on the human he was referring.

Brother and sister posing on the beach

Today my journey has led me to have a mistress who has helped me in the few months I’ve known her to overcome and address without babying me or holding my hand some of my weaknesses. She has helped me deal with male problems like a “man”.  I’m a workaholic but working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines and high-performance standards can mean I get caught in a rush and then defensive over the work I’ve done. My Mistress makes me slow down, step back and appreciate the act itself whilst helping raise its standard. She has by not letting me off the hook shown me lessons I’ve let slip when trying to impress people. That a job is only as good as its final completion, a puzzle missing a piece is no matter how nice, a bad puzzle.  

Ultimately a huge weakness was my shame. I was ashamed to allow myself to be in a femdom relationship, I saw kink and fetish as entirely selfish, an indulgence that took away from doing better work. Miss, has through her personality and mission shown that kink isn’t a source of shame or negativity she has shown me the truth that this is a weakness in me that she has revealed and by just being the woman she is and acting as she does shown me that you can have a kink and fetish life that is a positive and constructive force where the only shame is when you rush a piece of work.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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