FANTASY: After his punishment by his boss, Jeffrey reflects on his experience

Jeffrey eased himself into his chair, feeling very sore indeed after his punishment. He couldn’t quite believe that he had submitted to Miss Day’s demands. Yet it had also seemed very natural. He was beginning to understand how she had risen so high in the company.

Besides, it was a no-brainer. She had told Jeffrey he should be grateful that she had given him the option of punishment at her hands, and he had to admit she had a point. If she’d fired him, he would have found it very difficult to get another job after being sacked for embezzling from the firm. He had no wish to end up one of those jobless losers, existing in a tiny bedsit and eating 10p noodles.

Jeffrey glanced around the office. If only they knew what had just happened to him! How humiliating it would be. But everyone looked focused on their own work, except Colin, who sat opposite. He didn’t really know the guy; they’d chatted a few times in the pub, but nothing more than that. Colin was staring into space, then looked directly at Jeffrey. Was that a smirk on his face? Did he know what Miss Day was capable of, what methods she used for disciplining her staff?

Jeffrey tried to focus on the pile of papers on his desk, but his thoughts turned to Mallory Day and her cane. Even Colin found his way into the daydreams. Jeffrey kept visualising himself and his colleague both kneeling, naked, in front of Miss Day, who wore the tightest pencil skirt and sharp heels. She admonished them both verbally, then made them lean over her desk for a more physical chastisement. By now, Jeffrey was becoming so excited that he felt the need to dash to the bathroom and deal with his erection before it became too obvious.

He didn’t notice Colin following him.

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  1. Leesha Lacey says:

    Ooohhh I can’t wait to read the sequel!!

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