Joyen is the Triple Threat You’d Let Create You into a Piece of Art

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The world of kink and fetish is filled with people from all sorts of cultures, ideals, and personalities. That’s what I love about it. It’s what I enjoy about this job too. I get to talk to so many wonderful and individual people within the community. Joyen is one such person who I’ve found a joy (sorry, terrible pun) to get to know. I took a look through her website before talking to her and “Ooohhh Wee” what a feast. Joyen is (even at face value) a triple threat. She’s a singer, dancer, and a fetish specialist. What a delicious performance.

Joyen, a stunning Pilipino lady, has always stood out. Anyone in the Philippines who is in any way different stands out. I love her description of her causing a stir:

“I walked with a standing ovation wherever I went. All my life, I dealt with craning necks and gossip”


There is art in the fetish world

Joyen practices many forms of artistic expression

This is a great description of her standing out and oozing a certain confidence right from the get go. Starting out as an alternative model, Joyen had a love for the taboo and strange. She began studying more about the BDSM lifestyle and rope bondage, this was when she really found herself. She found a beauty in photographing those who she had bound. It only occurred to her to explore the lifestyle and performance of bondage when she was asked to give a live demonstration at an art exhibition opening.

Since then she has enjoyed exploring the artistic side to kinks and fetishes. This includes her getting involved in the resurgence of burlesque and cabaret to the Philippines. When we’re enjoying our kinks and fetishes, it can be easy to forget that there is a real art to this style of sexuality. There is a sensuality and beauty to even the most hardcore of kinks and fetishes.

Through sadism you can find a sense of honesty and love

She exudes a raw sexual energy

We can learn so much from our kinks and fetishes. They can give us a different perspective on the world around us. Through her exploration of the fetish world Joyen has learnt a stronger understanding of love and honesty. This doesn’t have to be in a romantic nature but a love for oneself and with oneself. The fetish word can be an introspective world as well as outward looking. Elements of the human psyche can be brought to light, or our ‘dark side’ released depending on our preferred genres of play.

As mentioned above, Joyen has a real love for the beautifully aesthetic style of play. She is a triple threat but adds a creativity to all aspects. She is an experienced Sadistic Rope Bondage Dominatrix, a Burlesque, and a Strip Tease artist. Within each of these genres her expertise in the art of torment and seduction is very evident. Visually beautiful pain and agony is an art form and a hard line to figure out. Joyen has worked on perfecting this craft for the last ten years, always looking for the perfect, complex masochist to satisfy her sadistic urges in the embrace of her ropes.

Joyen is giving back what she never had

Growing up in the Philippines there wasn’t any examples of mentors for Joyen to follow (Or at least none that she came across). We’ve talked before at FFFBuzz about how a mentor can be a great tool when starting out in the fetish world, but unfortunately it isn’t always possible. Joyen is now giving to others what she never had. She helps organise and run workshops and live demonstrations on how to play safely, effectively, and consensually. It’s wonderful to see her giving to others the guidance that wasn’t available to her and I’m sure people new to the scene/looking to explore new kinks are incredibly grateful.

To follow Joyen go to: @joyenjoyenjoyen

Or on to her website:

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