Kik is shutting down as messenger app CEO sends drunken text saying ‘I’m fed up with this s***’


Kik has been one of the most favoured messaging apps to use within the Fetish and kinky community. It’s quick, its discreet and very easy to use. However it has been announced that it will be closing after 27th September.

The following has been taken from The Evening Standard:

Kik appeared to be one of these apps, particularly in the UK. After launching in 2009, it quickly rose to the tops of the App Stores and then slowly veered off but it’s remained popular in the US, with around 300 million users, most of which are teenagers.

Kik’s life as a messaging app is now over as the company appears to be moving more into the cryptocurrency space. About two years ago, it launched a cryptocurrency named Kin and raised nearly $100 million in an ICO (sort of like crowdfunding but for crypto). AndThanks to this, the coin is one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world with 600,000 monthly active spenders of the coin.

Speaking about the Kin project, Kik’s CEO Ted Livingston took to Medium to say: “Two years ago we set out to build a new economy that offered equal opportunity to billions of people. Today millions of consumers and hundreds of developers have come together to build this better future with Kin.”

There could be some other news coming out from Kik yet. Late last night, it appears Livingston sent a drunken message to what is thought to be one of the company’s board members, William Mougayar, saying he is going to leave the company. 

According to CoinTalk, Livingston wrote: “Will, I know I’ve been drinking, but this ain’t the drink talking, I’m [fed] up with this s***.

“We’ll talk more in the morning about replacement, but I quit. 

“I have my ticket. I’m not going to jail for this.” 

It appears Livingston accidentally sent the messages to one of the website’s reporters, also named Will. When asked to clarify his comments, Livingstone replied “no comment.” 

We already heard rumours last year that Skype was planning on monitoring calls and messages, and stopped some companies from allowing it’s clients from selling their user ID’s. Has this stopped you from using it?

So what messaging apps are you still using? Let us know in the comments below

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