Lee and Andrea Enjoy a Female-Led Relationship And He’s Never Been Happier

Lee’s phone pinged with a message from ‘The Boss‘. It was his nickname for his partner, Andrea.

Having drinks with the girls, will be back at 8:30. Love you.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. That gave him plenty of time to get dinner ready. He hated commuting. The trains were late almost every day, meaning that it was often a rush to get back before Andrea arrived. She never complained about waiting for her meal, but Lee was disappointed in himself, even if it wasn’t his fault. It was his responsibility to take care of all the cooking and household tasks, and he took it very seriously. Andrea worked so hard. It was thanks to her that they enjoyed a lifestyle they’d never have been able to afford on his salary.

Lee stopped off at the supermarket on his way home from the station. He’d decided on salmon for dinner with broccoli and baby carrots. Andrea was heavily into healthy eating, and when they’d decided that he would take care of all the household chores, she had given him a number of books to help him plan meals. He’d come to understand how important it was to eat well, for both of them. Before he met her, he’d been as fond of junk food as most people, but now all their meals were made from fresh ingredients, with processed food kept to an absolute minimum.

Lee had also joined a gym with Andrea’s encouragement, and though he’d found it grueling at first he now appreciated the buzz it gave him. He still socialised in bars with his friends, but very rarely drank any more. He didn’t mind the teasing. His relationship with Andrea was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Of course, nobody knew how it really worked. Lee still remembered the day he stumbled across a site that talked about what a female-led relationship was, and how it resonated with him. It took him some months to build up the courage to mention it to Andrea, who had listened, nodded, and agreed that this was an interesting proposition.

From then, it had taken only a few months for them to construct a routine that placed her very much in charge. Their relationship was not without its challenges, but both found that a Female-Led Relationship suited them very well.

It was a pity that more couples didn’t try this way of life, Lee thought.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Sam the Sub says:

    Yes!!! Love this. Sounds like a tasty dinner too.

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