Let Lilith cast a spell on you, you’ll never want to break it

I’ve always been fascinated by witches (thank you Sabrina the Teenage Witch). I even researched the Wiccan religion when I was a teen. But I’ve never actually spoken with one before. That is until I spoke with the stunningly beautiful Lilith. Lilith must be casting all the right spells! Looking like she belongs on the cover of Portuguese Vogue, she has brains to match. I was fascinated. I’ve never dabbled in the dark arts before, but to get closer to this eclectic witch, I was willing to give it a try.

Pop culture is a big part Lilith’s life

Erotica, pop culture and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Since indulging in reading erotica when she was 19, Lilith has been turned onto the kinkier side of sex. Exploring this through literature and with partners, she came across FemDom on Tumblr back in 2013. She began writing a secret blog on there. She enjoyed the secretive world this transported her to, using it to talk with strangers about her kinks and desires. This paired with her love of movies like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, ‘Doom Generation’, and ‘Killer Nun’ meant that FinDom was a great fit for this witch.

Sadistically seductive

Fall under her spell

It’s clear that Lilith is passionate about her Wiccan faith. When I asked her about how this comes in to her Domme life, she explained that being a woman in general is so powerful and intimidating to men. Then when men discovered that some of these women were even more powerful than they believed, they started burning them at the stake. This was during the era of the infamous witch trials. She believes that the men that come to worship at her feet and who know about the witch trials are trying to atone for their ancestors. I love this theory, because in the past, and sometimes even still, women have been treated like second class citizens. So, it’s only right that men should be trying to compensate for their ancestors that have gone before them. And I think even more so for marginalised groups.

I love that Lilith can really express her true self through her sessions with her subs. She gets to practice her art while also fulfilling her fantasies. Describing herself as an “eclectic witch”, Lilith identifies as Wiccan – but takes elements from different factors to find what works for her. I really love that she doesn’t just use her witchcraft for punishment. Yes, she has her subs well and truly under her spell, but she also uses her spells for good in the form of cleansing spells as part of the aftercare she provides. These spells along with guided meditation and recipes for calming teas just shows me that her subs get the full experience.

Lilith has style, grace and spells up her sleeve

Ever learning, ever growing

Lilith spoke of how she is continuously learning from the world of kink. It’s always evolving and changing. That’s what is exciting about it! If you’re online (or in person) just doing the same thing over and over again will eventually get boring! But if you’re constantly growing and learning, it will continue to feel new and exciting. She also mentioned coming to the realisation that it’s ok to be human (or a witch in her case) and that we can’t be all things to all people. Some will love what she’s doing. Others won’t get it at all. Some days she’ll be super excited and love making content and other days she’ll need to take a break. “I’m not a kink machine” was her quote, and it’s brilliant!

So, if you’re interested in serving a dominant witch with sadistic tendencies, especially for mind games, then Lilith is the one you’re looking for. Find her at: @TheDemonLilithX

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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