Let Sorceress Bebe cast a spell on you and you won’t regret it

I was scrolling through Twitter and came across a picture with the caption “Brought my baby to run errands with me”. I opened the picture and there was a little ball python wrapped around the steering wheel. This instantly intrigued me. I had to have a look at Sorceress Bebe’s profile! I opened it up and LOVED what I saw! This Sorceress is not only a beauty, she uses her mind to entrap her subs into a spell they don’t want to escape from.

Sorceress Bebe is ready to make you drop to your knees

An enchanting documentary

Naturally dominant, Sorceress Bebe was used to telling men what to do.

When she came across a documentary about Financial Domination, it really struck a chord with her. She decided to do some more research and became a FinDomme. She quickly gained an interest in FemDom as well and started incorporating this into her style. Using FemDom, she embraced her strong nature and felt empowered by the energy she got from it. She thrived!

“Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” and that’s what Sorceress Bebe is doing. She has created a career out of being her true self! An extra bonus is the friendships she’s made within the FemDom and FinDom community. The sisterhood she’s built with some of these Dommes has been great and we all love more friends!

Let her work her magic on you.

Always adding to her book of spells

I love that Sorceress Bebe has learnt that you don’t need to make apologies for who you are. Embrace it and celebrate it. She’s also learned that it’s important to keep learning your craft, trust your power and shine. Create your own magic. I think this is such a wonderfully positive outlook.

I also like that her expectations of her subs are positive too; Loyalty, dedication, honesty, a sub knowing their place and someone who will add to hr life. And isn’t that great! All subs want to be a part of their Domme’s life, and she wants that bond too.

A smile that charms even the strongest of subs

Casting her spell

Sorceress Bebe is a big believer in preparing for sessions, especially if it’s a new style you’re not familiar with. It not only works for a better experience all round, but it also creates a safe play environment. This is so important. We at FFFBuzz.com are all about safe play and learning your craft to the fullest.

Sorcress Bebe wants to be the best of the best of the best and therefore she is constantly learning and researching. This modern world is changing constantly. Technology and the way we use it is constantly evolving and it’s important to keep up with it. In my opinion, with this attitude there’s no stopping Sorcereess Bebe!

What do you think about this approach towards FinDomme and FemDomme? Leave a comment below or on our Tweet.

To follow Sorceress Bebe got to Twitter: @b_findom

Her site: SorceressBebe.com

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Sam the Sub says:

    Ohhh my God the snake makes her seem even more magic and powerful!

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