Life can be Golden when you embrace your kinks and fetishes. This is what I learnt from Lizzy Livewire

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We at love all kinks and fetishes! Once all involved are of age and consenting, then be as wild as you want and let your freak flag fly! Some kinks and fetishes are less understood by the vanilla community, but that doesn’t make them valid. It’s important that we recognise this and bring education to fetishes that are less understood so that they can be more accepted in the world. That’s where Lizzy Livewire comes in! (Lizzy Livewire has also written an excellent article for us about gender fluidity and identifying as a non-binary person here). Lizzy Livewire really enjoys Urolangia (the excitement and arousal associated with urination). This is a fetish that can be seen as pretty taboo. So, I want to wash away that idea with you and show you the golden rules of enjoying this fetish! (I couldn’t help myself!)

The discovery of her fetish

Lizzy Livewire began exploring kink while reading the erotica of Anais Nin. But it was a specific stolen copy of Hustler that would open them up to their pee fetish. This copy had a spread with a woman, standing in the middle of the desert, in a cowboy hat and boots, peeing. This awoke something within them, and it was the beginning of new exploration. For a long time, Lizzy Livewire felt very self-conscious about this fetish. When looking up porn, pee play was always portrayed as so extreme and aggressive that it felt shameful and taboo. It’s a form of play that seems so unaccepted that, to this day, Lizzy Livewire often feels guarded about telling people their fetish, even to those in the fetish scene.

What is it that’s so erotic?

The release when you’ve held your pee can feel amazing

So, I’ve played around with watersports before, normally with an element of domination attached. Like a dog marking their territory, there’s a “you’re mine” feeling with it. But what interested me was Lizzy Livewire’s view on it being a lot more sensual than I’d ever considered. Most people, like myself, would see the “dirty naughtiness” and feeling of taboo attached. But Lizzy Livewire described a much more intimate scene.

I’m sure we’ve all had that occasion when we’re starting to get frisky with a partner(s) but we also need to pee. Not wanting to ruin the moment, you hold it, and in holding it somehow the feeling of orgasming is greater. The difference is that Lizzy Livewire incorporates this greater sensation into their play. They describe it as a beautiful release. When you’ve been holding it and holding it and finally have that release, paired with sexual arousal. The warm, wetness can be a totally intimate experience. Their enjoyment of pee play is one totally opposite of power play or age play. It’s to do with naughtiness, sensations and an intimate partnered experience.

It’s not necessarily a Dominance thing

Lizzy Livewires fetish is all about intimacy

Talking to Lizzy Livewire was really eye opening for me. They’re the complete definition of a switch. They not only love their partner wetting them, but the exhibitionist in them loves having their partners watch them pee. But it’s not about who is the dominant really and that dynamic can often take them out of it. Their biggest discovery is that owning your fetish can be so empowering! The more like-minded people they’ve found, the less “shame” this sometimes-taboo subject holds. Lizzy Livewire is also interested in other fetishes such as feet, rope bondage, and spankings. But they find more pleasure in their sexual life in general, due to their own acceptance of themself. This has allowed them to find a niche in the kind of content Lizzy Livewire creates. It’s really a speciality of theirs that also feeds their needs.

Barriers to the kink

One of the biggest barriers to lovers of pee play and watersports is our own society and pop culture. Certain, awful, celebrity sex scandals (R Kelly and DTS to name a few) which have involved abuse of minors, have given pee play a bad name. It’s really such a shame that some awful people have to ruin a fetish in the eyes of the vanilla world.

Thanks to the 50 Shades series, normally vanilla couples have been incorporating bondage gear into their sex lives. While this is great, I always implore people to do their research on safe play! We have an article about how to play safely here. There are more risks in incorporating bondage into the bedroom than there is pee play, which as we’ve seen here, can be very intimate. So, don’t be afraid! Guzzle down that big bottle of water, it’s healthy for you anyway! Get intimate with your playmate. Just don’t forget to have some towels and a change of clothes at the ready!

If you want to follow Lizzy Livewire go to Twitter: @LivewireLizzy

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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