Mel B (Scary Spice) has nothing on Mistress B! She’ll tease and play with you until you want to be her lover

Mistress B looking perfect

While scrolling through Twitter I saw a chat going on that included Goddess Honey Deity and Pay4Hay; two women I’ve not only written about but also adore! In the conversation was Mistress B. She was just so funny and seemed like a good sport (not to mention Hot af), that I wanted to join in. I messaged her and she was happy to spare me some of her time. I was so glad I did message her. This Mistress is definitely someone I want to keep seeing on my timeline. She’s gorgeous and flirty and has this naughty way about her that’s enticing, without even needing innuendos! So, let’s get to know more about Mistress B.

Mistress B looking absolutely STUNNING in lilac!

From to nervous to cam to dominating subs

It all started because Mistress B had a friend of a friend who was a cam girl. This gave her the courage to give it a try herself. She’d always wanted to but was too scared to, without first knowing someone else who’d cammed successfully. While camming, she was approached by a couple of subs. This sparked her curiosity in FemDom and FinDom, but when she joined Twitter and learned more about them both, it snowballed, and her interest grew and grew. What really intrigued her was the psychology behind kink, the “why people do what they do?” element. I’m not going to lie; this really interests me too. Everyone’s kinks are slightly different, what seems hot to me could seem awful to you. But once it’s all consensual and not harming anyone, then our kinks are what make us weird and wonderful, right?

There’s also an element of healing through kink that Mistress B loves. Quite a common form of healing through kink involves subs who live high paced, super intense and busy lives, where loads of people rely on them – and so they submit in order to feel that release of power. I love that she made a point of saying that there’s no shame in seeking this release of power, because there can be quite a stigma with kink and there’s often shame attached. This can especially happen when the submissive is male, submitting to a female. This goes back to our backwards patriarchal, societal influences; don’t get me started on how messed up they are! I totally agree that kink can be therapeutic – whether you’re the Dom(me) or the Submissive. That release of energy can be amazing, so I understand why Mistress B loves it so much.

I just think her smile is beautiful and would make any sub melt

It’s all just a bit of fun!

I love getting to know Dommes that are fun! – the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously. Even some of the most sadistic Dommes I’ve talked to enjoy a good giggle and have a great sense of humour. And Mistress B falls into that category. She loves to be playful and flirtatious with her subs. I still wouldn’t cross her! But this playful side of her comes across as a tease in the best way possible! So, it makes sense that her favourite ways to dominate are through chastity, feminisation, and cuckolding to name a few. So, when she told me that she looks for a Sub who’s down to earth, respects her time but also has a great sense of humour, I understood.

The main take away I got from getting to know Mistress B, is not to take FemDom/FinDom too seriously. Try not to get fixated on just making money because that can really affect your Mental Health. Establishing yourself to have a group of subs and receiving regular tributes takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. So, take the advice of Mistress B, enjoy kink for what it is. Have fun with it. But mostly keep appreciating your gorgeous self!

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To follow Mistress B go to Twitter: @thetallgoddess

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