Men Have Had Their Say for Too Long – Now It’s Time for Women to Be in Charge!

Like most femdommes, I talk a lot about female supremacy. But is that all for show, you may be wondering? Do I really believe the world should be run along matriarchal lines? Or is it just because some men find fantasizing about women in control hot, and I’m playing into that?

Women rule

I used to believe in equality. The more time that passes however, the more I see the mess men have made of the world. Well I think it’s time for women to have control of society. Look at the countries that have done best with Covid-19. They’re the ones with women leaders, such as New Zealand, Finland or Taiwan. The countries with the highest number of cases have right-wing governments headed by men, like Brazil, the US and the UK. It’s just one example of female superiority.

The reason I believe women should be in charge is not because we’re sweet, nurturing and the world needs more pink. No, it’s because women have brains in their heads and aren’t governed by their genitals. Because we’re practical. Because we’re not the ones who start wars. Men have been in charge for millennia, and what do we have? Widespread inequality, a dying planet, and constant warfare. Not much of a record, is it guys?

Time to put things right!

For far too long, women have been denied their rightful place in society, business and government. We are woefully underrepresented in positions of seniority. I would love for the tables to turn and women to be given the majority of roles of leadership in business and politics. A few token males could have a voice, but the subjugation of males is long overdue.

One of the best ways to redress the balance is through findom. Giving your money to women begins to correct the ways in which women have suffered financially. The gender pay gap still exists, and in the US, women earn only 81 cents for every dollar that a man earns. So hand over those pay checks, boys. Not only will it give you a thrill, but you’ll be acknowledging what we all really know should be much more widespread: female supremacy.

Do you agree that women should rule the world? Are the days of man at an end? Let us know in the comments!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

2 responses to “Men Have Had Their Say for Too Long – Now It’s Time for Women to Be in Charge!”

  1. Sam the Sub says:

    Women are far superior and all males should acknowledge this and serve appropriately

  2. Leesha Lacey says:

    Yes yes yes to all of this!! I can’t agree more!!! They always said “Behind every powerful man is a woman telling him when he’s wrong”

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