Miss Ava Kane is Strong, Powerful and Will Make You Bow Down; She’s a force to Be Reckoned With

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One thing I love about the kink and BDSM scene is the diversity within it. No two people in the scene are the same. They may enjoy the same kinks and fetishes, but they’ll never enjoy them in the same way. I find that truly fascinating. We can learn so much from our peers (be they Dom(me)s or Submissives) but our experiences will always be different. Miss Ava is one Domme that has me intrigued! We naturally have very different styles of Domination, but this doesn’t mean I can’t admire her. She’s beautiful, she’s powerful, and she’s here to Dominate the world! I want to introduce you to Miss Ava Kane.

Miss Ava Kane doesn’t do things by halves

Miss Ava Kane just exudes Dominance

When we think of our first foray into kink and fetish, we normally think of something gentle. I always think of using scarves to tie or be tied up and have a blindfold for play. It’s a gentle, explorative form of play that I (at the time) didn’t even realise was kinky. I thought it was just another side to sex. But Miss Ava Kane started in the deep end. Her first ever boyfriend had an affinity for toilet play. They played water sports and some light scat play but what excited her the most was the transformation her big, tall, and broad man made. This big man would transform into a ‘little man’ when submitting to his kinky desires.

After she split with her boyfriend her curiosity and interest were piqued and she wanted to explore more. A family friend led her in the right direction of exploration. (She didn’t want me to put this in because it’s cliché) This exploration into the world of kink “awoke something within her”. (Sorry, Miss Ava Kane, I couldn’t resist!) But it’s amazing what the world of kink can bring to our lives! Creativity can thrive within the BDSM world and that’s something that really appeals to Miss Ava Kane. Go with it, enjoy it, and embrace your creativity through the art of BDSM. And when done right, BDSM really is an art form.

It runs in the family

She found sex work on her own

Miss Ava Kane is a “generational sex worker”. What does this mean? Well it means that her mum was a sex worker and now she is too. Although, while growing up, Miss Ava Kane wasn’t aware that her mum was a sex worker. It’s only now, looking back on little key phrases that she used that hinted at her career. Things like, when being asked what her job was saying “I talk down to people” and saying how she wore “the pants and the heels”. That was a phrase Miss Ava Kane didn’t understand at the time but looking back on it…

Her mum was a stripper who had a few clients that were into different fetishes. Although her mum was in the industry, she shielded her daughter from the scene and didn’t pass on her knowledge until after she learned that Miss Ava Kane had joined the industry herself. She definitely has followed in her mum’s footsteps as far as her attitude and strength are concerned. She is a force to be reckoned with. Miss Ava Kane knows what she wants and how to use her charm to get it.

She’s creative in more ways than one

Some toys it’s worth spending a little more on. Others you can make yourself

I love Miss Ava Kane’s ingenuity when it comes to her toys and use of different items. After she began watching some Kink Castle videos, as well as other fetish videos she was amazed by the construction of the equipment and the use of daily household items for play. Some toys are worth spending the bit of extra money on to make sure you get good quality products. But, where possible, a trip to the local hardware store or kitchen appliance store can be a treasure trove of kink excitement! Miss Ava Kane has also used the kink and BDSM bartering system. She’s been approached by some very handy Submissives who have been happy to make furniture and equipment in exchange for a session. These have ended up paying for themselves multiple times over, more than the raw materials needed to make them.

Miss Ava Kane is far from sensual and soothing while Dominating her Submissives. She has a set of rules for her sessions that include complete control of basic human functions. She does not allow her Submissives to look her in the eye, they have restricted use of speech, etc. (This doesn’t include safe words of course) This does not necessarily mean she is always wearing latex or leather; this could be sports leggings and a graphic t-shirt. It’s all about the aura and presence you exude.

Miss Ava Kane is a remarkable Dominatrix and to finish this article I’m going to leave you with her closing words to her interview. This is advice to any Dommes that are looking for guidance or just starting out.:

I would give you all a consenting hug. I want you to be at peace and to have a warm cup of tea. But for the good and for the enriching of the scene, I need people to really understand. You will not be an expert after day one. I’ve been doing this for some years and I’m still learning things day to day. I’m meeting new walks of life that I thought I’d already met. Also, what works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you. A lot of my trial and error is from trying to follow trends or ideas of other people in hopes of having the same success rate or outcome. So, always keep that in mind when indulging in whatever you enjoy.

Miss Ava Kane

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  1. Sarah the Submissive says:

    Wow!!! What a woman! I’m kind of intimidated by her (in a good way) but I also kind of want to earn on of her hugs?! Is that weird?

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