Mistress Midori is the Strong Woman Behind the Successful Men

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When we’re born we are born with certain personality traits. Some people have very distinct and strong personalities and others take longer for their personalities to shine through. Mistress Midori was born a strong woman who knew what she wanted. Her personality is naturally Dominant and so she would not consider her Domination a kink but a lifestyle. A lot of Dommes are Dominant in their day to day lives, it’s not all saved for the bedroom/dungeon/location of your choice. With Mistress Midori she finds it goes even further than that again.

Mistress Midori enjoys breaking down ideas

Mistress Midori likes to use her charm to prove her strength

Women in the eyes of the patriarchal society would say that women are ‘weaker’. Now, we all know that’s ridiculous. Women have the ability to be as strong (if not even more so) as men. Mistress Midori loves proving this idea wrong through her charm and strength. ‘Behind every successful man is a strong woman telling him what to do’ This is a statement you can find on plenty of mugs, slogan shirts, and embroidery pieces. But it’s a statement that rings so true. In the same way I’ve pointed out before that Submissives aren’t necessarily ‘weak’ people. They just show their strength in a different way.

A Submissive male may be a high-powered career person in their day to day life, but when the doors are closed, they’re Submissive to a woman who makes them work hard to impress her. This can also include working harder in their career to impress their Domme and earn more to spend time with her. She’s enjoying being a good role model to others looking to begin their Domme journey. This combined with the mental satisfaction she gets from controlling men leads to an enjoyable lifestyle. Mistress Midori is a woman of charm, mystery, and Domination and any Submissive would be lucky to serve her.

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