Money is Power and Goddess Gee Want Yours Now!

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Money makes the world go round. It can affect every interaction in our lives. I know that growing up most of us were taught that money isn’t the be all and end all. We were told that our health, family, and friends are more important than money. But having money makes caring for your family that bit easier, it means we can enjoy social occasions with our friends, and we can afford good healthcare to look after our health. Therefore, money is power. When a Submissive makes the sacrifice to send to their Dom(me) they are giving up some of that power. They are handing over power to their Dominant. Goddess Gee loves this exchange of power. She tells me more about this as I delve into the world of Goddess Gee.

Payment notifications are the biggest biggest turn on for Goddess Gee

This stunning beauty thrives off the power money brings

While porn isn’t a good teaching tool for kink, it can definitely help you to figure out what you might be interested in. (Please always pay for your porn and try to use ethical porn sites) Goddess Gee discovered kink and fetish through watching porn and was instantly excited. When she got into a relationship herself and her partner both began to practice kink and she realised that her interest in kink wasn’t just on the screen. Her interest in kink was something she really wanted to explore and get a better knowledge of. Goddess Gee gets a real rush when her payment notifications go off, be they big or small. She knows that as her Submissives send they are making sacrifices to hand her over their money. These sacrifices show that they are handing over their power to her.

When she hears the ping of her payment methods going off, she gets instantly aroused and finds herself in a DomSpace. This feeling is more intense when Goddess Gee has built up a connection with the Submissive who is sending. I understand this. When a sweet Submissive that has built up a trust and connection with me, seeing the Submissives username pop up on my payment methods I can’t help but smile. It means that bit more. I love hearing about Dommes and Subs enjoying their time building a meaningful relationship. (It doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship, but a relationship with a real connection)

It’s all about the connection

Goddess Gee loves to make a genuine connection with her Submissives

When building these connections with her Subs, Goddess Gee talks with them about their day to day life. She uses her CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) training to help her Submissives set positive goals in their own lives, not just their Submissive life. This is a great use of her career and training playing a positive role in her Domme style. Goddess Gee can be nurturing and supportive but also feed her sadistic side and giving her Submissives the masochism rush they crave. Her favourite way of doing this is by using tease and denial. She could be chatting with them about something totally benign or vanilla and then send them a voice clip that’ll make them melt. This may arouse the Submissive but that doesn’t mean they’ll get release… They must earn that!

One of the best things that Goddess Gee has learned so far from her FinDom/FemDom experience is to be herself. Connections with Submissives don’t happen immediately and that’s ok. Some Submissives come and go and that’s perfectly ok too. The important thing is that she is herself and isn’t trying to be someone else. Through this she has grown and learnt about her own sexual pleasures and fantasies. This self-awareness has helped her to love herself better and find more confidence in speaking out. This had been something she’d struggled with before. This confidence in both herself and her sexuality has not only helped herself but have also strengthened her long-term relationship. Goddess Gee is a great example of how FinDom/FemDom can be so positive in our lives, both directly and indirectly.

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  1. Sarah the Submissive says:

    Goddess Gee sounds amazing. I love that she uses her career in her Domination style to help her Subs. I’d love to serve her.

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