Mother has arrived! Let Mother Hyena take you in little cub

Are you looking for a motherly domme with touch of cackling laughter? Do you think you can prove you’re not the runt of the litter? Well Mother Hyena is the is both wonderfully nurturing but don’t cross her or you’ll feel her wrath!

With a wealth of experience, I find her not only fascinating but wonderfully insightful into the BDSM and kink world. I wanted to learn more so I wandered into her den to see what I could find.

Out of the den and into the wild

After stumbling across the book “SuperMasochist” by Bob Flanagan, Mother Hyena realised that the world of BDSM was where she belonged, she just hadn’t known it. From there, she began looking for online communities to search for other likeminded people to explore this new world with. Since then her knowledge of the scene has grown by experiencing every aspect of the kink world.

While she has been a live-in submissive before, she finds that her true role is as a Domme. She’s worked in a dungeon and had live-in subs before. I love the fact that, while it’s not her true calling, she’s experienced time as a sub because it means that if you go to serve her, you know you’re in safe hands. She can see how a session is playing out from both sides – which is a great advantage!

Mother Hyena wants her subs to be their very best selves and to achieve full potential in their personal lives. Part of this process is helping to remove any shame they may have over their sexual desires.

She may have a mouth-watering way with words when it comes to humiliation sessions, this also does not stop her providing aftercare and ensuring her subs safety and wellbeing during and after the session ends. With this, Mother Hyena rules the den with great power, but you always know you’re in safe hands.

To follow Mother Hyena find her on Twitter at: @EllePasserine

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2 responses to “Mother has arrived! Let Mother Hyena take you in little cub”

  1. Subbie Pete says:

    I always like to see a Domme with experience. It makes me feel safe knowing that they have the knowledge in what they’re doing. Obviously newbies need a chance but I personally prefer to see a more experienced Domme. Especially someone who’s tried the submissive side too.

    • Absolutely, when you find a Dominant with a submissive experience too it helps understand limits further

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