Ms Alina Love Is a Beauty and a Professional Freak

With great power comes great opportunities. Ms Alina Love is one woman that took the opportunities that were placed in front of her and ran with it. When you’re blessed with beauty, it’s inevitable you’re going to have guys sliding into your DMs looking to get your attention. It’s just going to happen. The thing is, how do you react to these DMs? Do you shut them down and block them? Do you play along and give them what they want for free? Or do you capitalise on their desire for you? Ms Alina Love put her business hat on and decided she was going to make these DMs work for her!

Make those DMs count

Ms Alina Love is a beauty
It’s no surprise men want to slide into her DMs

Ms Alina Love continuously had men slide into her DMs asking for nudes, sexting, and phone calls. So she started charging for these and selling her underwear. It was only when she was asked to sell her spit that she really knew she was on to something. From there she started making amateur videos which were well received and considered moving into porn. She did two jobs and decided it wasn’t for her because she didn’t like the way the company ran things.

Ms Alina Love felt they were taking advantage of the talent and that they didn’t take into consideration what they were asking the performers to do seriously. She went back to making content and found this to be the way that suited her. She’s managed to not need a regular job for the last five years and that’s something she loves about being a content creator. She doesn’t have to answer to anyone but herself. She has total control over her life and career. I love her description that the freedom of content creating has allowed her to be a professional freak!

Educating the world on the benefits of BDSM

Ms Alina Love found freedom in content creation
I can understand why Subs want to be Cucked by her

Ms Alina Love has learnt that there’s so many more people out there that don’t dance to the beat of the vanilla drum. More people love to be that bit kinkier than they let on. When they allow themselves to experience that kink it can be uplifting and therapeutic. Whether you’re a Submissive or a Domme both have their merits and can be therapeutic in their own ways. Ms Alina Love loves playing with her Subs and teasing them. She’s an excellent Cuck Mistress because not only does she tease them, but she makes content with her partner and a lot of her Subs watch these videos while during a session with her. I love when Subs do this. It’s a great ego boost and keeps them enthralled while serving online.

Ms Alina Love has not only worked to make herself comfortable, but she has a plan too. She wants to work towards forming her own production company of Dominants and Submissives to make some truly kinky content. She wants to also use this company to educate people on the joy of FemDom and kink. This will help rid the world of some of the taboos that kink and BDSM face. Make kink normal! I think Ms Alina Love has the motivation and stamina to make all of this happen. I can’t wait to see her succeed, she’s a great asset to the world of kink.

To follow Ms Alina Love go to: @MsAlinaXXX

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