I Share With You An Insight Into My First Year in FinDom

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I first heard about FinDom when my male housemate asked me one evening could he share a secret with me. I was intrigued, I love a good bit of gossip. He told me that he had set up a FinDom account and had made his first bit of money from it. I wanted to know more. His girlfriend was a FinDomme and got him started and he’d been talking to men and women for a few days. He told me more about how it works, and I started doing my own research on it. I just had to know what it was all about. I figured, I’m great a sexting, I should give this a go! Little did I know it wasn’t that easy!

I didn’t realise the commitment it took

It takes time to build a brand

I had never used Twitter before starting FinDomme. But I had used other social media platforms so how different could it be? Turns out quite different but I got the hang of it quickly enough. I spent my first while on Twitter building followers and posting loads. I joined a RT group as a way of meeting other women and helping build my following. One thing I wasn’t prepared for when starting this was how much time it takes up. Especially at the beginning I found myself on my phone constantly trying to build my following and make connections to get myself off the ground.

Straight away I had fake Sugar Daddy accounts drop into my DMs despite labelling myself as a Domme. I had never used Amazon to shop before but even I thought their gift card scam seemed odd. There was something I questioned it and told them I just didn’t have the money to buy a gift card. I did, but I was looking to make money, not spend it. It didn’t make sense to me why I would have to spend money for them to send it to me. I also used to work in retail so hadn’t heard of money being applied to a gift card after the initial purchase. Thankfully this logic saved me from getting scammed.

Ups and Downs and profit profit profit

The more you put in to this kink the more you get from it

I’m not going to lie; over the year I’ve had really successful weeks and some weeks where I’ve only made money from my subscriptions. At the beginning I had Subs try to demand the world in exchange for £5 per week and then I’ve had Subs where getting the agreed money off them is like pulling teeth. But I have made some wonderful friends and had some great experiences with Subs.

I’ve learned more about my interests and kinks, but also about my limits. I explored more kinks that I never thought I’d try. I joined FinDom thinking I would never share pics of myself in lingerie/nude, not that I judged those who do, I just didn’t think it would be for me. Now I love making content! It’s given me a great confidence boost! And so does my partner, he’s my cameraman and it normally leads to some sexy time after!

So, throughout my first year of FinDom I’ve had highs and lows, blows to my confidence and massive ego boosts. I’ve made some amazing friends that I really do treasure and I’ve been called all sorts of names by men that got annoyed I wouldn’t give them everything for free. I’ve enjoyed my FinDom journey so far, I had my FinDommaversary to other day and I look forward to growing and exploring it even further!

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