ONLINE SHADOWBANNING: What does it even mean and how can you avoid it?


What is shadow banning?

Yesterday we talked about how sex workers and Fetish artists are currently being censored by social media, but what is shadow banning?

According to The Economist “A shadowban, in theory, curtails the ways in which that attention may be earned without blocking a user’s ability to post new messages or carry out typical actions on a network. Shadowbanned users are not told that they have been affected. They can continue to post messages, add new followers and comment on or reply to other posts. But their messages may not appear in the feed, their replies may be suppressed and they may not show up in searches for their usernames. The only hint that such a thing is happening would be a dip in likes, favourites or retweets—or an ally alerting them to their disappearance.”

Both Twitter and Instagram have both denied shadow banning with Instagram releasing this statement in February:

To check if shadow banning affects you, head on over to the free Shadowban Checker and enter your Twitter username.


MixTrix – Lifestyle FemDom Natural Humiliatrix into Power Exchange – posted this really informative video on it and gives advice on what you can do to become unbanned:

Amberley Rothfield – I Help Phone Sex Ops, Clip Artists, Webcam and Models market themselves. Featured in Vice, AVN, XBIZ, YNOT – produced this wonderfully indepth video explaining how Twitter is banning Fetish and porn hashtags.

Make sure you follow and subscribe to both their channels with so much more information to help you get by as an online sex and fetish worker.

Are you shadowbanned? Is it affecting you and your Fetish business or have you not noticed anything? What things have you tried to lift your ban?Please leave your comments below. Sharing is caring!

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

3 responses to “ONLINE SHADOWBANNING: What does it even mean and how can you avoid it?”

  1. Mistress Sarah says:

    Is there a new wave of shadowbanning going on now? There is something feeling strange at the moment

    • We’ve seen a few comments floating around social media at the moment and we are not sure. We will do some investigating and get back to you.

  2. Goddess Bea says:

    I was not shadowbanned, but didn’t realize that there was a checker. Thanks for the tip!

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