What’s on most people’s minds is the online porn ban… How much is it going to affect us all?


The date that the UK Government block online porn sites by default is. Being pushed back from April 2019, to 15th July, the UK’s Digital Economy Act will see a major change to how we view our favourite sites. This Act forces your internet provider to block access to porn related sites UNLESS your age has been verified…

FemFetFlix will be working with a third party age verification program such as: AgeID (or other tbc). AgeID does not store or see any of your personal data, so we at Female Fetish Federation will also be working hard to that your data is protected, something the Government and associated bodies are working to ensure.

WUpe promise our Fetish Artists a safe environment to display their talents, we want this to continue. We are and continue to work with organisations protecting sex workers – we hope the Government also works towards this which will reduce the need for such bans.

Stay tuned for more updates, as they come.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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