I am privileged. It’s a word which now a days is thrown around normally with a junction attached, but here I fully mean it in the sense of…


Serving a Superior Woman

I am privileged. It’s a word which now a days is thrown around normally with a junction attached, but here I fully mean it in the sense of not being entitled but lucky. I am and fully acknowledge my luck in finding and being allowed to serve a superior woman. Any essay on this topic must start with gratitude because the first thing someone, lucky enough to have found someone to serve should say is thank you. You are you incredibly lucky to of found that person, someone you can without demeaning yourself without taking anything away from your value say is superior to you. You are grateful enough that your life and theirs get to be connected in a relationship that is constructive.

It is a bond of trust, respect and deep admiration and it starts with thanks that your paths have crossed, you need to say thank you and most importantly feel thankful.  Thank you that you were in the right place and right time, and with the right frame of mind to enter servitude to a superior woman. That is the first step in what it’s like to serve a deep profound feeling of gratitude, you shouldn’t need to be told to say it, you should just feel it like wind on your skin.

After you have experienced this gratitude you should feel ready to acknowledge a truth a wonderful truth- this person is superior. This is not weird to acknowledge we do this all the time we acknowledge people as stronger, faster, smarter without discrediting what we are and what we contribute and to serve a superior woman is a form of this, a selfless, caring form.

She is superior that is your reason for what you do and why you do it and that is a good thing.  Normally you’d expect justification for that but no when you serve a superior woman if you truly live it if it’s a truth to you as real as fire is hot and water is wet you don’t need to add anything. It’s not her intelligence or smile that makes her better it’s just her being her. If tomorrow she changed an aspect, she would still be superior and that constant, that knowledge brings comfort. Serving a superior woman is amazing because it just is without complication or condition.

You serve her and from it your service being in her superiority she will pull you up, you get to be a moon orbiting a star. You improve as a person first by accepting not your negative aspect, serving a superior woman has nothing to do with talking yourself down or seeing yourself as bad or in a negative it’s about recognition of the positive in this other person. You are good they are better and when you serve you are blessed by the chance to feel better and become better.

A part of serving a superior woman that’s often ignored is the hope. A hope that you can go beyond yourself. She grants you this and she does even if you don’t feel it all the time. That you can be part of a wonderful person’s world should energize you, you should want every morning to jump out of bed. Imagine if a celebrity who you admire and respected asked you to be their friend, confidant, companion. Imagine if Hemingway asked you for help writing a novel, Bolt asked for help training, Michelle Obama asked you to help her run for president would you feel honoured or insulted? It is a source of hope and radical happiness to be part of another person success, to help them build something special to add to a story your already enjoy. To this on the deeper level acknowledge their superiority and with all the trust, respect and transparency that in tales is indescribable.

So, we see that hope, gratitude is just part of serving a superior woman but what about improvement. See by serving a superior woman you get to become better as mentioned earlier. You spend time with a woman who is smart, intelligent, driven and you know this person sets the bar for your own performance.

It’s better than having a life coach or a personal trainer who works to your level and keeps you in a slow progressive status with service to a superior woman you experience a rapid develop as you work to a standard naturally superior to your own. I enjoy work, I enjoy doing good work and after only a few months service I’ve been guided indirectly to do and create better work at a faster rate. I’m learning the difference between a rushed good piece of work, a slow good piece of work and what is just right and that is because of my superior woman.

She has in just a few, months transformed a large aspect of my life and by doing so has not just improved my service to her but my life overall. This isn’t magic, this isn’t she’s amazing and she does this with a wand, serving a superior woman requires radical self-examination, work and a willingness to change to not remain in the position you were before you met her, if you don’t have these things I’m sorry but you don’t deserve to serve your superior.

Serving a superior woman starts with gratitude, progresses to a hope filled surrender to that person and continues in a transformation of yourself in the service position into a person which is superior to what you were. You want to serve better so you become dedicated, creative, imaginative and kinder, not that you weren’t those before only now you have a focus that makes the gentle heat of your passions and traits, white hot.

Serving a superior woman, it’s about sacrifice, hope, trust, gratitude and transformation and its starts with giving up any selfish or personal ambitions because service starts with a thank you not a I want.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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