Rejection is an ugly word. Everyone in their lifetime will go through rejection in different ways. Sex workers, on the other hand, handle more rejection than the average Joe.


Different people deal with rejection in different ways. A Prodomme might take it out on their next sub, an escort might not have fully performed the next blowjob she has to give. But are the ways you cope with rejection healthy?

There is an old Scottish saying that I always think of when it comes to rejection, “what’s for ya, won’t go by ya”. If that client was meant to book that session, they would, if that tribute was meant for your account it will be in there.

There is no shame in feeling sad when you get rejected. There is no shame in feeling sad FULL STOP. Every emotion you feel when something like this happens, feel it embrace it.

Sounds silly?

Not entirely. Bottling emotions up when you are rejected is possible the worst thing you think of your rejection emotions as a coke bottle. Shake it every time you get sad or angry when rejected. Then set it back down. Do this again and again. What is going to happen? It is going to explode. Now, I am not saying to take your whip and whip the next beta boy silly that you cause damage. But feel those emotions, take a minute to acknowledge those feelings.

You can do this with any emotion in any situation, to be honest with you. Take a moment, step back, breath, acknowledge you are feeling this emotion for a reason. Then chin up and kick some ass girl.


Your Kinky therapist


Disclaimer; I am not a qualified therapist. I have no former qualifications in mental health. All information given in these posts are from my personal experience from working in the care industry; having being diagnosed with several mental illnesses; and having a career aimed towards helping people with mental illness.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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