Sadistic and Sensual Can Be a Deadly Combination – Meet Mrs C

I love a Dominant who’s multi-layered in her approach. A bad-ass bitch who commands a room but also knows about the importance of aftercare and how to actually have a conversation. BDSM is so much more than just chains and whips and “torturing” a sub for the pleasure of both parties. It’s psychological and powerful, but it’s also sensual. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? But it’s not! A lot of my favourite Dommes that I’ve interviewed for are tough as nails when it comes to their submissives. But when the session’s over, they can get on well with their subs and, depending on the relationship, care about them too. Mrs C is definitely bad ass when it comes to her Domme style, but that doesn’t mean she can’t mix in a certain sensuality too.

Her Dominance was natural, it just needed some fine tuning

Say hello to the dominant Mrs C
Dominance came natural to her

Finding herself to be very dominant in general, Mrs C sometimes felt this aspect of her was misplaced in relationships. There were times in early relationships that she found her dominance wasn’t being channelled to its best use. A relatable feeling for most of us. “Personally, I think I just came off as bossy (and not in a good way) before realizing how to harness my dominant energy” she states of her dominant side. But after finding a few willing partners and diving deep down the rabbit holes of the internet, Mrs C found her true dominant self and began to thrive.

While exploring further, Mrs C came across the wonderful Mistress Juicy Jules who became a mentor to her. We’ve had articles about the value of mentors before on and Mrs C is definitely an advocate. Having the support and guidance of an honest and experienced Domme really helped Mrs C to grow. Not to mention, any new Domme has a lot of questions. It’s so much more beneficial to have a personal touch rather than just asking Google. So trust the Dommes out there with more experience! Find one you admire and seek out their advice. And of course, make sure to ALWAYS thank them properly for their time and guidance!

Sadism and sensuality

A good Domme always puts their foot down.
There’s sadistic play and then there’s psychological play

Mrs C gets to enjoy her sadistic side while playing with not just Kitty Brat, (as mentioned in my previous article), but other female and male subs. This means that she gets to enjoy a plater of different interests. With different subs she gets to explore and feed her different kinks based on what works for them both. She has many different interests in kink; tie and tease, sensation play, JOI (jerk off instruction) and CEI (cum eating instruction), role playing, and anything that includes dirty talk.

Her ability to adapt to different kinks is excellent. “Everybody has at least a little kinky in them” she explains when talking about the variety of fetishes she encounters. And she’s right! It’s just finding what’s right for you! What your boundaries are and how to explore them safely. What it is that YOU like. And Mrs C has learned a lot since entering the world of kink. She’s learned about her own abilities and desires, why she likes these kinks, and how to accept that this is a part of who she is. It’s an amazing feeling to find acceptance about yourself and your personality. It’s even more amazing that we can find this through kink.

Mrs C has learned a lot since becoming a Domme. Not only how to play and play safely, but how to be accepted. She’s found kinship in the sisterhood of the kink world and learned how to be herself. And that’s the big one. Being yourself while in a session or making content is so important! Most of the time our fellow sisters in the kink world are not trying to steal your ideas for content. They’re trying to be original. But if they do try and copy, just know, if you’re being your true self then their imitation will be obvious. Only you can produce content that is true to you!

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