Self-empowerment from a Different Perspective: the Crazy World of Cupcake SinClair.

We here at FemFetFed spend an awful lot of time advocating for the continued empowerment of women everywhere. Admittedly, however, as of late we’ve devoted much of our focus to emphasising the raw power of Dommes such as TS Desire, Miss Nera Skye et al. Today that’s going to change, as we look at other ways of self-actualisation, different ways of expressing yourself as a powerful, unique woman. We’ve been big fans of Cupcake SinClair for a few years now, and here’s why we think she does what she does better than pretty much anyone else out there.

Working out of Sanctuary Studios LAX, Cupcake SinClair presents herself as pretty much the ultimate masochist, describing herself as “sinfully sweet and good enough to beat”. Well, judging by what we’ve seen so far, she definitely is! For sure we’ve seen her take it to some crazy extremes in the last few years, but remarkably, she always seems to come out on top. Unfazed. But not only that; she genuinely seems to love every second of what she does. She works harder than most, and what makes her stand out is that she seems to have learned something from every experience so far – a process by which she has honed and refined her art to its current state. We could be tempted to say it’s already at perfection levels, but we’re sure she’s going to astonish us by continuing her upward progression.

So, what about the doubters who claim that being submissive equates to just being ‘weak’? Well, we here at the Buzz refute that ridiculous claim entirely. Sadly, being a Female submissive can come with a sense of stigma attached, particularly in the age we live in. But this stigmatisation doesn’t take into the account the choice of the individual – their mode of self-expression. You can choose to be a submissive as a Female – and you can choose to absolutely kick ass at it. You can also choose to take your power of self from it. It takes an awful lot of self-awareness to allow yourself to submit to someone. It’s for you, and no one else to decide. And so, with that, it’s been an absolute honour to be associated with a submissive such as Cupcake SinClair – after all, she’s taught us a lot! She even turned us on to the early fetish writer, the Marquis de Sades’ work ‘The 120 Days of Sodom’.

If you’re curious and want to check out her unique brand of work, there are several ways you can do so. For starters there’s following her Twitter @XxSubbieCupcake or checking out her website here: Alternatively, if you want to see how a pro does it, she has an incredibly well populated clipsforsale account with a broad range of clips for your perusal. This you can find here: Overall, we guarantee that this will be an educational, inspirational, and most definitely an erotically charged journey for you, should you choose to embark on it!

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

2 responses to “Self-empowerment from a Different Perspective: the Crazy World of Cupcake SinClair.”

  1. EveryonesFavouriteSissy says:

    Wow, she is intense!!! I’m nowhere near that level, yet….

  2. Bratty Missy Q says:

    Interesting to see a post from this viewpoint. As a switch I’ve often wondered how my submissive tendencies can exist alongside my mostly dominant nature – but I think because its all on my terms, for MY cathartic release that I find it powerful too

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