SERIES: Part 1: My “30 Day Sex Challenge”

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I’ve been writing for for a while now, and I write about kink all the time. But I’ve noticed that, in some of my writing, I write about sex and kink only in a professional manner. Kink is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a professional Dominatrix/Sub to be into kink. You can enjoy kink with your partner or even alone! Yes, I am a Sex Worker, I’m a FinDomme/FemDomme, but I’m also in a long-term relationship. So surely my writing should reflect that?! This week we moved into a new apartment, so of course I was looking for a way to break her in! I came across Our 30 Day Sex Challenge – aka “Our Reddit Sex Challenge” for couples, and lucky for you, I’m going to fill you in on the journey!

Why I’m excited

Will cuffs be used? It’s definitely a possibility!

Myself and my partner have great sex and we have it regularly. (Lucky me, I know!) Some of it kinky, some of it quite vanilla, it depends on the day. But when I saw this challenge, I thought it’d be a good way to make things playful and actually reflect on my relationship with sex and kink. The challenge is a way of encouraging couples to think outside the box a little. Simple things like not always waiting until bedtime to have sex, bringing new toys into the mix, new positions, and switching domination roles. Some of the daily challenges are pretty vanilla but that doesn’t mean I can’t add to it! I’m going to take the challenge as a guideline and advance it.

I’m curious to see how this goes because we like to have fun, we both have quite high sex drives, but also, we’re both very dominant. It’s very rare that we submit to one another. I’ve told you all before about how we enjoy swinging in the article (Two’s company but three’s a crowd? I say bring it on! My experience with swinging). That’s normally where we let our dominant sides shine. It’s why I enjoy being a Domme! So, it’ll be exciting and fun to see how those days go!

Day 1: Have sex at a time other than before bed. Lunchtime romp, morning sex or after work workout.

So I mentioned the challenge to my partner yesterday and he seemed interested. He didn’t jump up and down for joy or anything but considering he woke me up by pulling my underwear off to have sex with me I think he’ll manage! Hehe

I’ll have a new article up each week about how the trial is going.

Why don’t you join me and let us know your experience in the comments below or by replying to our Tweets

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