SERIES: Part 2: My “30 Day Sex Challenge”

30 Day Sex Challenge

Last week I told you all that I had found a 30-Day Sex challenge on Reddit. The list itself seemed fun, if a little vanilla, but I still wanted to give it a go. As the rules said, we could always add “extras” to make things spicier, if we wanted. And that was my aim. I love kink, my partner loves kink, but after five and a half years, sometimes kink becomes for “special occasions”. So, the idea of reintroducing it back into our everyday lives seemed like fun to both of us. Day one (as mentioned in the previous article) started out great with my partner waking me up by feeling me up and pulling down my underwear. The brief was to have sex at a time other than just before bed. His eagerness made me excited!

Day 2: Browse a list of Karma Sutra positions and pick a few new positions. Pick easy ones to start with

These are the positions we tried

So, I was sitting on the couch after finishing a bit of work, I think I was scrolling through Twitter and listening to a crime podcast. My partner goes “Pick some, will we say two each to try?” while thrusting his phone in my direction. It’s a website with page upon page of different sex positions and their names. I giggled and started scrolling.

Some I was like “How does that even work?” or laughing at how small and light I’d have to be for us to carry them out (I am a curvy gal, my partner is strong and can lift me, but not over his head while I try and do the splits!). So, I picked two I liked (No1 and No 4) and he picked two he liked (No 2 & 3). We planned an order that would make sense to keep a flow. Start high and work our way down to the bed.

It was fun trying new positions. As expected, because they’re new, there was some that worked more in my favour than his and vice versa. But that was the fun. Trying new things. Looking back, it’s very obvious that in our relationship sex from behind is definitely a big turn on for both of us! Also, position no 2, if you’re trying it, I almost fell on my face a few times, so be warned!

Day 3: Have sex twice in a day

To be honest with you all, this is what it is. There’s not too much ‘soul searching’ to do with this one. We both have a high sex drive so this was an easy one. Once in the afternoon and once before bed. Different positions each time. Apart from telling you that the sex was good I don’t know what else to say! Ha!

Day 4: Read Erotica together before sex.

Listening to erotica about a sex club experience was a LOT of fun

So, we decided to change this one up a bit. We both hate reading out loud, especially when it’s not our own words. So instead, I had previously found a podcast full of erotica that I had been meaning to get to. I shared the series with my partner and we each picked a story to listen to. I picked one called “My First Sex Club” about a single female journalist who goes to experience a sex club for the first time as a “unicorn”. Hmmmm…… I wonder why I would have that fantasy?! I’ve talked about how we like to swing in another article and, while we’ve never made it to a sex club before, I definitely identified with the couple in the story more than the protagonist herself.

My partner chose a piece about a girl who goes home with a guy after a date and finds his drawer of sex toys. The naïve female doesn’t know what a butt plug is when she finds it. So, the male talks her through her first anal experience. We both agreed the one I picked was written better but the one he picked was narrated better. Anyway, the more important part is that because we listened to a podcast, instead of reading the erotica, meant we were able to make out and touch each other while listening, which of course led to more. Way more fun!

Day 5: Shower Sex (With added Extras)

This was just too easy a joke to make

Neither of us enjoy shower sex, especially when using condoms (always stay safe people!). There’s not enough lube in the world. And it’s not very sexy never mind kinky. So, we decided to change this one up. We would use the bath as the setting, but we’d make it dirtier. We decided to have some Watersports! It’s something we’ve tried before, normally after a few drinks and we’re feeling extra naughty. So, this was fun to try on a random Thursday night where we’d just go back to watching MTV afterwards. Realistically, we could’ve made better choices when planning out the order of how things went (And left the hot water on longer for the showers after!). But it was worth the cold shower I had (He got out first) for the naughtiness we both felt. And now we’ve a new strategy for how to do it better next time!

Day 6: Full body massage before initiating sex

Yes this is a Frozen chalk board… Don’t judge me!

This was HILARIOUS! We definitely had a giggle with this one. I had a feeling this wouldn’t go so smoothly but it was worth a try. You see my partner is ticklish… VERY ticklish! Mostly on his back, so I said I’d start from his calves and work his way up to see if that helped. It did not! The two of us were in fits of giggles as I tried to pin him down and massage him. I’ve been told by mates before that I’m good at giving massages, but when you feel like you’re sitting on top of a bucking bronco, it’s a lot harder! So, we switched over.

He’s actually a lot better at giving massages then I remembered! Maybe he just pretended to be bad at giving them so that I wouldn’t ask for them! So, I got a nice massage, and then his hands started to wonder to places that no masseur I’ve been to has gone before. That was fun, apparently the receiver in plank is a pretty good position! Hahaha!

Part of my interest in doing this 30Day Challenge was to learn a bit more about my own relationship, and how I see kink within that. It’s still early days but I’m realising that our kinky sides don’t need to be kept for “special occasions”. We’re lucky to be comfortable enough with each other that we can discuss what works and doesn’t work, what turns us on and what doesn’t. I’m excited to see how the rest of the challenge goes and see what happens as the days get naughtier! Oh – and I’ve also learnt that I need to stretch a lot more!

Here’s a link to the podcast series we chose our erotica from: Sinners Erotic Stories

Let me know what you think about my challenge, do you have any questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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